View from our seats

Last night was the epitome of compromise.

Shaun had clients in town and tickets to the White Sox game, and I had two tickets to Prince.

Rather than splitting up, we went to the Sox game for a few innings then jetted over to the concert.

Go team.

We had no idea where our concert seats were going to be, since my friend Joey left them for me at Will Call. I had done him a favor, and to thank me he left the two tickets.

Luckily we got there just as Prince went on and sprinted to our seats in the 7TH ROW. Joey Scolari- you are a gem.

I’d been hearing that Prince was putting on a half ass show…but it was totally the opposite last night. He played some of his biggest hits and 2 encores. The entire arena was dancing…and the best part was crowd. I’ve never seen a more diverse show- people of all ages and races were all singing the same lyrics.

On the way home I had McDonald’s fries- SORRY KARYN. With the move across town, keeping track of the meals became too difficult. But- I’m staying vegan until Friday and I’m back to eating raw today so I can give an accurate assessment.

Those fries were good…

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