Go Green

This weekend I went back to MSU for the first time since 2005.
It was odd to be back on campus and not remember where anything was, and checking out the stuff that had changed. For example- we were meeting at the IM Circle Building and I had no idea where that was….even though I had cheerleading practice there for up to 5 times a week for 2 years.

Perhaps it had something to do with the cocktails I consumed while bartending at PT O’Malley’s?

When I was in school this bar was the place to be and meet up. (we had no cell phones- wow) And it was still the same place. My Alpha Phi sister Kellee Kazan’s guest appearance made going back to the bar that much sweeter.

Yeah, I tipped the bartenders pretty pretty good this weekend.

She used to be “Fournier” now she’s Kellee Kazan.

I also knocked on the door at Alpha Phi to say hi to the girls who were there and see how the house has changed. A workout room and patio!?

Regretfully I didn’t get a slice of Georgio’s or Lou and Harry’s…BUT I did eat at El Azteca.

Double high fives to Lewie in the Spartan Athletic Department for the sweet passes to the game.

I thought I’d go back and feel old but instead I felt thankful I wasn’t stumbling around like a drunk freshman.

Go Green!

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