Falling For You

I’m super pumped to share that this Wednesday I’ll be in NYC on the red carpet for Target.
Yes, I am reporting for the bulls-eye. Not sure if ya’ll know about my love for the store…but let me tell you I get giddy whenever I discover a new Target location. I literally clap my hands and point and say; “A Target!!! Who knew!!!?”.

Anyhoo- Target has put a new twist on their fall fashion campaign and they’ve teamed up with Mad Men director Phil Abraham to create 3 mini films that end with a final film live in NYC.

The films star; Kristen Bell, Nia Long and Zach Abel and you can shop for everything in the scenes as you watch the videos. The clothes, make-up, even the furniture.

It’s really pretty freaking innovative.

On Wednesday I’ll be part of the live stream crew, interviewing the stars of the films, Target execs and people attending the event.

I’m really excited and I hope ya’ll will log onto the site and check it out from 7-9pm ET.

BTW- they have some CUTE stuff. I’ll be wearing all Target on Wed, but I loved a pair of leather pants they sent me to try on so much that I asked to buy them on the spot. Seriously- log on at least to check out the merchandise.


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