Terminal 5

The Target Fall Style event was one of the most crazy things I’ve ever been a part of…in a good way.

We all stayed at the Trump SoHo and the first night I shared the elevator with Kristen Bell. She was super sweet and down to earth and when I told her that we’d interviewed her fiance before, she asked: “How was he?”

I joked that he was cool because we were both from Michigan and K Bell got all excited and said; “I’m from there too!”. Instant ice breaker- thanks Mom and Dad for raising me in Pure Michigan.

My friend Sean who lives in SoHo recommended an awesome juice bar called Organic Avenue. It was like walking into those stores with all the gummies in bins for me, I grabbed a ton of “shots” and juices plus a vegan mac and cheese.

The E3 Live and the Guaranimal Booster Shot

I relied on my beautiful friend Lauren for a solid hair and makeup artist and she delivered.  Jillian did my hair and makeup like a champion. The best thing about Jillian was her cool, mellow vibe- she totally calmed my nerves.

Jillian took this photo when she was finished- I look nervous!

The event was a whirlwind. The producers and crew were unreal and very prepared…they couldn’t have made me feel more at home or ready to do my job.

Of course there were a few wild cards….but there always are with live events!

After we were done there were a lot of hi-fives and hugs, including one from my best friend Kim who came with her boss (and my friend) Matt Carroll.

Matt took this for us- see how much less nervous I look now that it’s over!?

Kim and I then went to Bagatelle, Catch and Abe and Arthur’s. The highlight was randomly sharing an elevator with the dreamy Nigel Barker post Abe and Arthur’s.

I loved every second of this trip and can’t wait to go back to NYC- but it is VERY good to be home in Chicago.

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