Focus on Fashion

Tonight is the Next Fashion Chicago 2012 show, and per usual I waited until the day of the event to decide on what to wear. And it’s not cute for a member of the host committee to stroll in looking like a hot mess, yes?

This morning in yoga somewhere between failing on a multiple handstand attempts it came to me- a dress from my Mom’s stash.

My Grandfather was very Italian and had a way with designing clothes, and lucky for me my mom and I are/were kind of the same size. She’s 4’10 and I’m 5’7 (in huge heels, 5’3 without them) so all of her skirts and dresses are even shorter on me. Score.

She gave me a ton of her retro closest and one piece I’ve always wanted to wear is part of a set, that also came with matching cream lace bell bottoms. Years ago I ditched the pants and started trying to make the “dress” work…but the women of the 60’s weren’t lifting weights like we do now so it always looked a little off*.

This morning I tried it on and TA DA (not so humble brag) – it fit. The countless hours of bending in weird positions in hot rooms finally paid off.

So I’m going to attempt to rock this with some 60’s/70’s inspired hair and makeup  & accessories.

If you want to check out the fashion show tonight- go here for tickets.


*off as in my fat ass couldn’t fit into the teeny dress

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