Nail It

On Tuesday I was out covering the election for FOX and sharing a crew with reporter and total hottie Tisha Lewis who pointed out that she loved my nails.

So I shared my secret with her, which I’ll share again here: press-on nails.

I’ve been using press-on nails from the drugstore for months now, mainly because it cuts out an hour every two weeks from my life.

I vary between brands and they all have their pros and cons, but this was my first time trying color.

hand shots are kinda creepy- but check out this cool color.

These are from the “Impress” line- which I believe a Pussycat Doll is behind- and they come as “stick on” nails. Here’s a tip- use a bit of glue as well…the adhesive alone isn’t enough.

They look 100% natural and stay on roughly 5 days, I keep them close in case one pops off so I can quickly add one in it’s place. Trust me, it is NOT cute to be missing a press-on nail.

Saving time, money and the ability to try different styles? Nailed it.

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