KZ and KCav

Last night Nike Chicago threw a huge training club event at Soldier Field.

Around 300 females were on hand to for a 30 min workout with 2 Nike master trainers and a winter weather-inspired fashion show.

And around 100 of us were treated to a VIP experience, where we got to go in the visitor’s locker room and see our names in a locker filled with Nike gear.

Me in my “Zink” locker

Since I was there to interview Kristin Cavallari, our PA Megan Fox took one for the team, geared up and did the killer workout.

How adorable is she?


Two bad ass Nike trainers. That’s Marie Purvis talking in front of her huge poster.

The ladies workin’ hard on Soldier Field

Ok- I admit it- I was a total baby and hung in the warm locker room waiting for Kristin to arrive for our interview!

She was super sweet, and we laughed about the last time we were hanging out…in much different circumstances. Oh- and she looks amazing- but she admits she works out hard to look that way. I also learned that she hasn’t spray tanned since DWTS (inquiring minds wanted to know) and that she loves Armani mascara.

We were asked not to bring up Jay’s condition so I respected that and kept it to fitness, baby and fashion.

Chillin’ post interview. I wish I would have snapped a photo of her custom Bear’s dunks. They were SIIICK.

The entire interview will be up on later today.



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