Eleven Skin

*Kelli has not been paid to endorse the following product, even though someday she hopes to be just famous enough to be able to do so*

I feel like I need to tell ya’ll that so you don’t think this is one big commercial.

About a month or so ago, my skin was freaking out again- bad. And as timing goes, my boss had the founder of a skin care company come in the office to meet with us for potential projects. If this was for the founder of Proactive- we’d be all set, but no…this was for Eleven Skin who’s focus is more on getting a beautiful wrinkle-free appearance. With only 24 hours notice, I rushed to my derm hoping a shot would help…but it didn’t and I had to face these two women with the skin of a 17 year old boy.

I let founder Nicole Oden check me out in broad daylight (wanting to cry the entire time) and she swore that in 10 days or so, my skin would clear up. I eye rolled to myself, but agreed to try it since I’d do anything for clear skin and tried their entire program customized for my crap skin.

Within 3 days my skin was clear. No joke, and it has been ever since.

I used the anti-aging kit along with this renewal serum, this omega serum and this masque. I realize it’s not drug-store cheap…but even with all of these products- it was far less than the Dior line I had been using.

They also do a delivery system similar to a Proactive, and the kits are less expensive when you buy them as a package.

I am actually pretty amazed in the difference in the overall appearance of my skin as well, it looks a lot healthier especially after I do the weekly masque.

If you want to see before and after photos- too bad- I’m way to self conscious to post my skin when it’s a mess. BUT I will tell you that when I sent the girls an “after” photo…they replied; “I’m in tears, so happy for you!!!!”.

Of course I’m knocking on wood as hard as possible, and I hope this post doesn’t jinx my progress… but if skin care is one of your 2013 resolutions, then this is just too awesome not to share.



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