Brent Musburger’s Golden Touch

From 562 Twitter followers to 133, 459.

Katherine Webbimage courtesy

Today people are calling Brent Musburger “creepy” after last night’s BCS comments about AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, Kathrine Webb. But if I were Ms. Webb, I’d be sending him a major thank you note.

Miss Alabama blew up on Twitter, and is possibly more talked about today than her QB boyfriend. I guarantee hundreds of producers around the country are trying to book her for a gig right now, and her modeling agent’s phone will be blowing up all day.

But she’s not the first hottie to be discovered when it comes to sports – proving how a few seconds of National TV or an internet blast can launch a career.

1. Pamela Anderson.

She was spotted in the 80’s at a B.C. Lions football game in Vancouver wearing a Labatt’s tiny tee when a camera guy who had a thing for blondes, put her on blast on the game’s huge video screen. People loved it and it landed her a campaign with Labatt’s and well… you know the rest.

Pam Anderson Labattscourtesy: Labatt’s

2. Jenn Sterger.

In 2005 Musburger helped out one of the  “FSU Cowgirls” (girls who wore next to nothing to FSU football games).  When the camera landed on Jenn, Musburger commented that “1,500 red-blooded Americans just decided to apply to Florida State”. Boom.

She went on to a career in sports journalism and a touch of infamy. Guess Brent should be an agent.

Jenn Sterger

3. Sarah Spain.

Sarah Spainimage courtesy

I can attest first hand that Spain has the smarts to back up her looks, which is probably why she pulled this genius stunt back in 2007.  But there is no denying that those looks helped gain her attention. She is now killing the Sports Radio game with ESPN and one of the sharpest girls I’ve ever met.

4. Kate Upton.

True, she was already a model- but on April 3rd, 2011, Kate Upton pretty much became a household name when she and her now infamous cleavage did they Dougie all over the big screen at the Clippers game. The following year she was the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Teach me how Kate.

kate upton dougie- daily newscourtesy: New York Daily News

Who did I forget? Rock on ladies…do your thing. And Mr. Musberger- expect an email with the location of my season tickets*.

*kidding. I don’t even have season tickets….Brent?

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