I quit taking prescribed sleeping pills about two years ago when I accidentally took half of an ambien and then went to a boot-camp class two hours later. 

Nothing happened to me, but I was so shaken at having to tell my instructor; “I think I’m on a sleeping pill.”- that it was enough to flush the rest down the toilet.

Since then I’ve tried some natural remedies including wine and such, but I’ve also dabbled into the world of over the counter assistants as well. 

I really like the Help! I Can’t Sleep brand, but those tend to make me a tad moody sometimes.*

Recently I was picking up some gummy vitamins (the adult kind), and I saw the Zzzquil Sleep-aid and grabbed it on a whim.

After working 14 hours on Sunday, I decided that having Monday off was the perfect opportunity to try a couple…so I did.

I woke up Monday at 11am. ELEVEN AM. Normally, even when I hit the town*, I am still wide awake the next morning by 8am at the latest, even on weekends. So 11am is late for me.

And  I felt hungover too; sluggish, sleepy and like I could go back to sleep for another few hours. But that fog quickly lifted and I felt pretty, pretty good.

Last night I took only one, around 8:30 pm and was Zzz before 10p. When my alarm went off at 5am, I was wide awake and felt well rested.

I’m not telling ya’ll this so you’ll run out and form a dependency on sleeping pills, but every now and again we need a great night’s sleep and can’t find it on our own. This stuff worked for me.

In short:

  • Take an hour before you want to fall asleep and early enough to get 8 hours.
  • Start with half the recommended dosage.
  • Don’t take ambien and go to the gym.


Oh- and why do the women in sleeping pill ads look so perfect? Show me someone with bedhead, retainers in and drool and I’ll believe you way more.


* I go HAM on Shaun when I take them and get a bit crabby.

*stay up past midnight


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