Is IV For Me?

Would you rather:

1. Go to hang in the hospital for an afternoon (but have no health issues)


2. Have an epic hangover before a big night?

If you said 1., then stop reading. Clearly you hate hospitals and the things associated with them and won’t even care to hear what I’m about to say.

BUT if you’re into not feeling hungover…then you may want to check out Revive.

I went to this new medical spa over the weekend with Shaun because he had an awful cold he was trying to shake.

Let me back up…

Revive says they can help people fighting; colds, the flu, dehydration and hangovers… with an IV. They tailor each IV with a vitamin cocktail depending on your symptoms, and an hour later you are done.

So we went Saturday afternoon to test it out. The place is in an office building on the 4th floor. It feels nothing like a hospital or Dr’s office, instead a friendly person greets you with some paper work before leading you through a large communal room with a flat screen TV, white couches and magazines and into the Dr.’s office.

The Doc and a nurse chatted with me about how I was feeling (I was dragging a bit thanks to a stiff cocktail from Friday and a long week) and “prescribed” me an IV cocktail that catered to my symptoms. A little Vitamin B Complex for energy. Some Toradol to cut the headache. Vitamin C to boost my immune system.

The nurse took my blood pressure, then swiftly inserted the IV. I’m kind of a baby, if you’re wondering and I was fine with the needle.

I was moved into a private area where Shaun was lounging on a couch, with a blanket and eye mask on and was handed a blanket and asked to lay on the couch across from his. But you can opt to hang out in the main room and watch TV or chat with friends if you choose or go for a private area like we did.

Within minuets I felt a little stoned-ey. I just made up that word for sure…but that’s how I felt. Spacy, floaty, relaxed. The nurse assured me that was normal and that the Toradol was kicking in. Next came chills- not the flu kind- but the “I’m chilly” kind…cue the blanket.

Doc explained that the IV fluids were around 78 degrees, and since our body temp is 98…it can feel cold.

Mind you, this wasn’t super uncomfortable- but I noticed it. As my IV was finishing, I felt a little full and very energized.

When the nurse took out the IV (painless), I can honestly say I felt great. Later that evening I felt like a superhero…like I was bursting with energy. Headache- gone.

As for Shaun, he slept and slept and felt a ton better the next morning. He wanted to go back, but I felt that would be a bit excessive.

My POINT is- that he tried it and wanted to go right back…good sign.


Shaun maxin’ and relaxin’

So if you aren’t afraid of needles or trying new things then go check it out. If you are a cautious person who thinks everything is bad for you, I respect that too- this isn’t for everyone. But I will say that I see places like Revive being the trend and eventually the norm.

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