Juice vs Juice

Today another juice cleanse popped up in my inbox for a place I’d never heard of called Nektar Juice Bar  on Gilt City,  in Santa Monica California(delivery to Chicago).

Last week a cleanse for a new place in Old Town called Element223 was on Gilt…and it feels like a new spot is popping up all the time. Thank goodness, I mean I love Blue Print and all, but one can only take so many #1s before they go insane.

I did a little looking around to see what is out there as far as what’s offered for Chicago as far as juice cleanses go and they all look very similar. 6 juices per day with 5 being fruit and veggie based and one nut-milk type drink.

So what is the most cash friendly? See below:

Nekter Juice– Santa Monica, CA- Gilt City- nektarjuicebar.com

3 day- 129 Gilt City (normally  165)

5 day- 180 Gilt City (normally 269)

Juice Rx- Chicago- juicerxcleanse.com

3 day- 210

5 day- 345

Blue Print– NYC- blueprintcleanse.com

3 day- 195

5 day – 195 + 130

Element233– Chicago- element233.com

3 day – 185

5 day- 300

Peeled– PeeledChicago.com

3 day- 195

5 day- 255

3 day detox/meal plan (4 juices, 2 meals and a dessert) 165


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