Charmsies, I’m sure.

There is a fine line between following someone on social media and being a weirdo stalker right?

One of the people I follow on Instagram is Renee Bargh from Extra.. I dig her style and her hair stylist deserves a gold medal for the way they nail those waves on a consistent basis. And even though we work in the same field, and it’s a very small industry- we’ve never met. SO I feel a TAD creepy “liking” and commenting on her photos.

But that didn’t stop me from halting dead in my tracks the other day on Instagram when I saw her sporting crystals in her hair called “Charmsies”.

Of course I immediately went to their page to check them out and order a set.

I never really got into those feather extensions or the dip-dye color stuff, but something about these gems really do it for me.

And as fate would have it, I stumbled on a similar product in Sally Beauty yesterday. For $3.99, I bought what are basically strands of fishing wire with gems on them that snap into hair with a magnet. The real deal involves a flat iron from the looks of their website.

I wore them out last night instead of earrings and got great feedback and I’m real excited for the rose gold set I ordered to arrive today. *in 12 year old girl voice*


selfie alert!

So, if these are the next big trend….I only have one question; “Why didn’t I think of this!?!”.

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