Beachy Waves

Every girl wants beachy waves, right?

Bumble and Bumble must have made millions off their Surf Spray and yet still women can’t seem to nail this effortless looking style.

My co worker Jennifer McCarthy is as obsessed with new beauty and style trends as I am, and last week she brought in her newest toy- the Revlon 3 Barrel Waver.

She had tried it and felt more 80’s than sexy, and wanted another opinion.

I’ve tried a similar iron before and wound up with crimped, kinky hair that only looked good again after a wash. But this time I wised up and tested the iron on an extension first, was happy with the results and went for it.


post wave maker

I’m pretty, pretty happy with the results. I feel very Cindy Mancini and Marissa Miller-ish. FEEL, I’m aware I look nothing like these people. But if I squint when I look in the mirror…it works.


Can’t Buy Me Love, CAN buy me a wave iron.

It’s really easy to use- just start at the top of a section of hair…hold the iron…then move down to the end.

The true test was when my straight male friends complimented my new look- and imagine how it will look with Charmsies! *knowing I just lost my male audience*

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