Oh baby I’ve been slacking on this blog again, since my last post I’ve been to LA and back for an amazing wedding, had some great interviews here at CelebTV and done some living.

But I can’t not mention my girl’s concert Friday night.

You know how when you have an outfit you’re excited to wear…going out is that much more exciting? Well Friday night I stopped by the Nike Training Center in Lincoln Park and picked up the siiickest pair of kicks I’ve ever worn.

Nike is releasing their “City Pack” this week, with 5 shoes inspired by cities around the world. The Milan is going to be offered exclusively at the NTC here in Chicago and they will also carry the entire collection.

The Milan’s inspiration comes from Italian luggage and they are insanely cool.


so bad ass that a plain standing photo wasn’t enough.

I rocked these to Rihanna and had girls stop me to ask for a pic of the shoes and ask about them. This continued all weekend- since naturally I haven’t taken them off yet.


close up shot of the new kicks.

Now let’s focus on Rihanna. The doors opened at 6pm, with ASAP Rocky starting at 7:30p so we assumed Ri would go on around 9pm and planned accordingly.

Thank goodness we went late- cause ASAP was sick and didn’t perform. The United Center was filled with the most eccentric and diverse crew of fans I’ve ever seen at a show and they were all doing their best “Rihanna” impression when it came to fashion. It was a trip.

We had amazing seats (they were my Valentine’s Day gift) and were off to the side right by the stage.

Rihanna put on an amazing show, but of course I was bummed she’d didn’t sing “Shut Up and Drive” &”I’ve Loved and I’ve Lost”.

Shaun asked if she would sing “I’ve Loved and I’ve Lost” because of the whole Drake vs Chris Brown thing (he must be watching CelebTV or something) and I said I really hoped so. We had seen Drake do the song, but were hoping for Rihanna too- but no dice. HOWEVER she did do “What’s My Name”…so is more likely she didn’t do the song cause Drake is the feature…whatever…we were bummed.

She DID do “All of the Lights”, which I am completely obsessed with- and all in all I kinda blacked out during the show due to excitement of being there. Do you ever do that?? Not remember what happened due to being so pumped to be in the moment!?

I did manage to take one photo…and caught the moment she was clearly pointing at me. *I’m aware I’m delusional*



Omar from CelebTV Latino later told me that she stayed at Public Hotel- but I’m not THAT cray to just show up and stalk her without an interview or something. I do like to maintain a bit of professionalism and integrity.

But after waiting months to see her…I can confirm that her Cockiness is well deserved.

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