Big Gay Brunch

I love brunch. I also love my gay friends. I am not really a fan of taking a cab all the way to Boystown on a Sunday. Why are there only one or two “gay” bars in River North? How do we create a fun brunch party?

Those random questions were swirling in a few of our heads and so we decided to do something about it.

Kevin Aeh, James Goeke and Ari Bendersky are three of my favorite people. They are;  smart, hilarious, witty, snarky, and they surround themselves with an incredible network of people.

Chef Ryan Poli is VERY pro gay rights and always down for a fun and innovative party, so we all teamed up to throw our first “Bacon and H.A.M Brunch”.

The bacon was a play on the gay equality symbol and H.A.M is just funny and Goeke’s favorite saying- inside joke….but it worked.

We agreed we needed a dj would would get the vibe and play amazing music (Megan Taylor) and a liquor sponsor to help booze everyone up (Nicole Tempesta and Yacht Club Vodka).

 I reached out to all my gay,straight and confused friends to invite them and most thought it was a great idea…cause the place was packed.

The vibe was really unlike anything I’ve seen in a while. Tempesta and her Yacht Vodka brought sailor hats which always seem fun after a cocktail or two. Everyone was up and chatting and bouncing around. It was my heaven.


Chef, Ari, Me, Nicole and James. Megan was busy spinning.

The next one will be even better- we are making notes on what worked and what didn’t.

But we can’t wait to taste the rainbow again.


Straight men- hello…girls love gay brunch!

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