Shoes and Stuff

When a blog or magazine asks you to be in a feature or photo shoot, it is normally weeks in advance.

Clearly you want to look your best, or have your product look as appealing as possible in photos.

Well, when Racked Chicago asked me to be involved in a shoot for Shoe Week…I had 1 day notice. I said yes, not really thinking twice. Then I remembered I had just moved into a new apartment…and my closet was FAR from camera ready. In fact, as I took sample shots…panic set in. Let’s be honest, I have way more than I need…but many women in Chicago have closets 10 times cooler than mine. Mine will eventually have; a coat of Tiffany Blue paint, mini chandelier and shag rug. For now, it’s white on white on blah.

So we got creative. James Atkins, who shot the shoot and I decided to turn off the overhead lights and use candle light to create a soft glow.

We did a series of shots that were artistic and would take the focus off what wasn’t there and feature the cool stuff- the shoes.

I’m BEYOND happy with the way both the article and the photos turned out.


Hands down, my favorite photo.


I also loved this one, but it didn’t make the article.

You can check it here.

Moral of the story- be happy with what you have. Or shoot it in the dark.


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