Task Rabbit and Lo Clean

Can I just proclaim my love for technology!?

In the past I have avoided SO many decorating tasks because I am not handy- at all.

Enter Task Rabbit.

Task Rabbit is this magical site where you post the task you need done, and then people bid on doing the task. They are background checked, and you can look at their references.

For example, the last bed I ordered took SEVEN HOURS to assemble when my friend and I did it.

As we speak, a Task Rabbit just emailed me a photo of my new bed…ONE HOUR after he arrived to assemble it. He is also hanging a heavy mirror. For $65 dollars.

Now, if I would have even attempted to go out and buy tools, put the wrong hole in the wall, and put the bed together so wrong that I’d have to hire someone to fix it….it would have cost me WHO knows how much.

Instead- I get to go home to these things done properly. I would show you a photo, but no one sees my bedroom without buying dinner first. Just kidding.

new bed task rabbit

LoClean is a cleaning service, that’s “on demand”. You enter where you live, your credit card info and number of rooms and they quote you a price and day they can come. No leaving out cash…no worrying about a last minute cleaning.

They cost $50 bucks for a one bedroom and did a fab job on my apartment.

Now, how do I order someone to come cook dinner every night!?

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