Great Gatsby in Chicago

Yes, I realize people in NYC and LA got to screen The Great Gatsby before we did…but it still was exciting to go to the big Chicago screening on Monday night thanks to Margaret O’Connor.

The invite said to dress in 20’s garb- which I wasn’t sure if people would actually do. I mean…2 hours and 23 mins in a dress?? But for fear of missing out, I jumped in and Pintrested some Gatsby hair and makeup for the occasion.

I watched a few videos on how to finger wave and basically laughed- it looks major complicated. So instead I broke out that trusty waving iron and used that and a regular curling iron and a ton of bobby pins to complete the look.

Let’s just say, my co workers had a blast laughing at me as I attempted to pin up my long hair into a short bob. It took more than a few tries and some help- but I was pretty happy with the results.


Kept the makeup simple with black liner, lashes and red lips.

The film was on lockdown- we had to turn our phones off completely and got a strict lecture from a pirating security.  Chaz Ebert and Bill Zwecker gave a touching intro to the film and Roger, and then it was time to put on the 3D glasses.

Jay Z’s music added so much to this film for me, he scored it so well. And to be honest- I wouldn’t change a thing. I left feeling like I got everything I wanted and more and I wasn’t bored or restless for one moment.

If anything- we left craving dirty martinis!

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