Today in Chicago

A few months ago, I was contacted by a Today Show producer about doing a segment on Chicago nightlife with E! and Today Show Correspondent Jason Kennedy. Then the weather freaked out and the Today crew’s Chicago show got nixed, along with the segment.

This Wednesday they’re coming back to Chicago and Saturday, Jason and I got to shoot our piece.

I tried to pick a variety of places that showed off the different aspects of what we do here in Chicago, and I hope people feel like I rep’ed our city well.

Jason is HILARIOUS. He’s truly one of the funniest and most witty people I’ve ever worked with. We shot from 2:30-11:00pm and he kept me laughing the entire time. Not only that, but he’s professional, humble and kind. He fed the limo driver, always helped the crew carry their gear and was extremely gracious with fans. Plus he’s super down to earth…I got VERY lucky to work with someone so inspiring.

Our crew and producer Josh were also fantastic, and we had some moments that I wish people could see; like when our camera guy was standing out of the sunroof of their SUV shooting our limo on a packed Lincoln Ave.


Our crew after wrapping at Studio Paris

I also conquered my fear of sober (ish) karaoke for the shoot (truth be told I did a shot before singing TWO duets). I HATE singing but Jason made it less painful as he pumped up the crowd.

I can’t wait to see how Josh turns 9 hours into about 3 mins…and I hope you’ll tune in with me on Wednesday!

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