Sunrise Shoot

After shooting together for Racked’s Shoe Shoot, James Atkins and I couldn’t wait to take more pictures.

I really, really hate having my picture taken, especially if I’m solo..and if I’m sober- forget it. Now, if I’m out with the girls after a few adult beverages- I have no issue if someone goes into Terry Richardson mode and snaps away.

James gets this about me…so we set up a shoot where I’d feel as non-awkward as possible.

That meant a 3am wake up call. YES THREE AM.

We wanted to catch the natural sunrise light down at North Avenue Beach, which happens around 4:30am…so that meant I needed to rise and attempt to shine at the insane early hour. I’m lucky I didn’t burn off my hair while trying to create beachy waves while half asleep.

James showed up right on time and we made our way down to the nearly deserted beach just as the sky went from dark to watercolor. I grabbed a ton of random pieces from my closet and he brought along a watermelon…sounds bizarre but it actually made for some of my favorite photos.

Since people were spilling out of the bars as we headed to the beach, I didn’t feel THAT bad about relaxing with an adult cocktail to loosen up for the skin-baring shots.

Let me explain why I wanted to do a shoot that is borderline “WTF”. See, someday I’ll be trying to remember what it was like to not hate my body and I’ll want to show people proof that I woke up and did crazy early yoga. So trust me, in no way do I think I’m a model or super sexy….I just think embracing who you are is empowering.

As the 600+ shots started coming thru to my email, I wanted to cry- he really knows what he’s doing.

Here are a few of my favorites:






Thinking about doing a photo shoot? Hire this man.

James Atkins beach knees blacksweater

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