Pickle Vodka

This morning at 7:10am I found myself face down in my co worker’s dumpster, digging for Pickle Flavored vodka in a jacket, dress and heels.

Sometimes you just have to laugh at life and I needed it today.

Let me explain….this morning I was doing a “Guilty Pleasures” segment for Fox and the Naked Jay’s Bill Dill was one of my talking points. My co worker Jen McCarthy had tipped me off to the amazing flavor blend and she brought it in for us to try. Then my other co worker, also named Jennifer- took it home. Jennifer left it with her doorman so I could pick it up for my segment. Follow?

Well, this morning when I went to pick it up…the following exchange ensued between me and her doorman:

Me: “Hi, I’m Kelli…Jennifer left a bag for me to pick up.”

Doorman: (in mean gruff voice) “Yeah I threw it out, you can’t leave liquor at the desk!!”

Me: (waiting for him to laugh and say kidding..) “Um, really? Because I need it for a Fox News segment this morning.”

Him: “Yes I am SERIOUS. It’s in the trash.”

Me: “Um, ok…would you mind directing me to the trash.”

So he pointed to the doors that led to a few dumpsters and pointed to the bag that contained the vodka…which was in the back of one of the dumpsters- naturally. Girls gotta do whatever it takes, right?

Watch the segment below:

CelebTV host Kelli Zink`s guilty pleasures for the summer.

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