Dealing With Idiots

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged that I actually had to re log into my account.


I’m not just being snarky with the title of this post, although it could go SO many ways…

Last Friday, I attended Jeff Garlin’s premiere of; “Dealing With Idiots”.

I’ve known Jeff since I was a baseball cap wearing 24 year old PA for the NFL Network and he was in our celebrity fantasy football league. Back then, he constantly advised me to “Move to Chicago and meet a nice boy”.

By 2008, I had taken his advice and moved to Chicago, and was back on camera for CelebTV- standing on the red carpet at the Emmy’s and who do I see? Yes- Jeff Garlin. The interview was garbage since I spent the time telling him how I’d taken his advice and well, look at me now! Jeff was proud, and has been like a mentor ever since.

If nothing else, I strive to be a loyal and supportive friend…so missing Jeff’s Chicago premiere wasn’t an option.

He screened it at The Music Box Theater- which is a beautiful dump. It’s both historic and stunning, and old and outdated and many of my best memories have come from sitting in those rickety seats.

The film was directed by, written by and stars Jeff and he made it in 12 days. It’s based on the crazy parents he deals with on his son’s little league team.

It’s packed with some of the most talented comedians in the biz including; Fred Willard, Nia Vardalos, Gina Gershon, Bob Odenkirk, JB Smooth, Richard Kind and the list goes on.

If you love Jeff’s podcasts or Curb- you will love this film. It’s true comedy, simple, subtle and realistic.

Jeff took the time to answer everyone’s post-show questions during the Q&A and he told us he made sure to premiere this in Chicago vs LA or NYC.

You can catch it in select theaters, but if I were you I’d download it from i tunes…kick back with a beer and enjoy.

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