Uber Pain in the A$$

For all of you rolling your eyes over the #Chiberia posts all over social media- don’t.

It is flipping freezing in Chicago,  beyond freezing. It’s:

I-walked-home-from- yoga- and- had- to- google -“frost bite on legs”- freezing.

Why did you walk you idiot? I know that’s what you are thinking right about now.

Glad you asked.

Uber, this super nifty car service, decided to go into hibernation during Chiberia. As in, hardly any cabs are available and their black car rates are spiked with an insane surcharge.

How insane? See below:


Yes, a less than a mile ride translated into FORTY FIVE DOLLARS. To get to work. But it was either that or not make it in…aka- not an option.

I get the whole supply and demand thing, but COME ON. It’s not New Year’s Eve, it’s literally too cold to be outside for more than five mins without being at risk for frostbite.

Uber, why don’t you rally around the kids who made you popular in this town and cut us a break? Show you have our backs when we had yours and helped get people into your cars when a taxi was the norm.

Don’t run over the hand that opens your app.

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