What It’s Really Like to Work a Super Bowl

I just wrapped my 9th Super Bowl week- SB XLVIII in NYC.

And everyone asks me how much fun I had. Which is kinda of fair, sometimes you find yourself in these surreal moments and think; “Wow, this is work?”.

But the rest of the time all you can think is about crawling into your bed with bad reality TV and a pizza.

Here’s why:

  • It’s cold. With the exception of Miami, the other seven I’ve worked- including Jacksonville and Phoenix- were FREEZING. This means trying to look party-cute without looking like that girl who is shivering and covered in goosebumps.
  • You stand around- a lot. PR people are planners, so they like to plan for the media to be late. For example- they will have media check-in at 7pm but start the actual red carpet at 8:30pm. Standing. Often in heels, in the cold.
  • There is lots of walking, traffic and little downtime. Picture rush hour in any city, then multiply that by 100 times the people- and they are all drunk and belligerent.
  • Men. Listen – I LOVE men, being around men and just men in general. What I’m not a fan of is being one of 5% female around intoxicated sports fans in a strange city in a dress. Super Bowls tend to skew very male heavy- great place to meet a boyfriend- just bring mace.
  • Lodging. This year- albeit- I really lucked out cause I was covering parties for Bud Light and got to stay on their phat cruise ship hotel. Most of the time, you end up in some no-tell motel cause everything has been booked by the league 9 mos in advance.
  • It’s great for the waist line. Do you think they serve food on the red carpets? HA. BAH. HA. Normally, you scarf down one meal a day at the end of the night around 3am.
  • What body clock? I normally go to sleep at 9pm and wakeup at 5am. This year, I kid you not- I interviewed Nelly at TWO something am. Maybe even 3am. And that’s the way it goes- you are on celeb/athlete time.
  • Everyone wants a piece of the action. The red carpets are packed tight, with cameras knocking you in the head, reporters boring celebs to the point that they stop talking to the rest of the press and walk in and cranky PR people.

Let me be clear- this is not just a b*tch fest- I LOVE the Super Bowl, and it’s my favorite event of the year. I’d cover it in any weather and loose sleep for days. The adventure is always worth the drama. I just want to give a little glimpse into the real deal.

And the best part is…you never know who will show up.



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