Beauty Post: How to Look Like You Didn’t Go Out Last Night

Lollapalooza Sunday I showed up to brunch and my friend’s husband looked at me and said; “Wow, you look so ….refreshed?”.

A couple more friends arrive and another said; “I’m not sure what you’re doing…but it’s working!”.

Mind you- I was on day 4 of music festival weekend and felt like donkey. No, I didn’t get fresh botox, come from the spa or use some expensive toning device.

I spent $5.99 at Marshall’s and bought these:


Apparently these masks have been HUGE in the Asian beauty market for years, and not only are they in the States- but you can find them on the cheap.

Sephora also has the upscale brands like SKII – they will run you up to $135.

If you want to go big and order those on-line…more power to ya, but I’m obsessed with a bargain. Marshall’s had several brands in their beauty aisle, and I grabbed these Bio Miracle Aloe Collagen masks along with another brand which I already used and threw away so sorry- no info. BAD BLOGGER!

They couldn’t be more simple to use:

Step 1- Take out of packet

Step 2- Unfold and line up the eye, nose and mouth sections with your face. 

Step 3- Wait 20 mins. Optional- scare your boyfriend/husband/dogs

so zexy

so zexy

It’s not a pretty sight, but the results are AMAZING.


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