Who is KZ?

I’m the Host of CelebTV.com and I’ve done lots of other stuff like:


The Today Show, ABC Network Specials(Holiday of Stars, Tribute to the Movies), CBS Sports (Enterprise: Best Under the Radar Campus, Best Road Trip Destination), CNN(Anderson Cooper), Fox News Channel (Neil Cavuto, Shepherd Smith, Geraldo, Red Eye), Headline News (Nancy Grace, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Prime News), CW Network (CelebTV on the CW), TV Guide (funny commentary for hour specials), Good Day Chicago (weekly pop culture contributor) , member of ESPN’s Beg, Borrow and Deal’s winning team (reality TV).


People Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, Star Magazine, Michigan Avenue Magazine, CS Chicago, TCW Chicago, Pop Sugar, Fab Fit Fun, Refinery 29.


Target’s Live Stream Fall Fashion in NYC, SELF Magazine’s Workout in The Park, Cadillac Culinary Series, Bud Light Hotel at the Super Bowl, Enterprise “Best Of”, Real Simple’s Chicago event with Hoda Kotb & Dara Torres, Art Van Furniture’s Supermodel Search, Hockey City Classic at Soldier Field,  Akira Fashion Show (multiple shows), Bright Pink (Charity-multiple events).

When I’m not working I like:

My husband Alex, our two frenchies; Izzo and Jojo, Michigan State Sports, NFL, NHL, yoga, collecting Nike Dunks, book club and anything with my girlfriends, travel, vintage shopping, being creative and avoiding hugs.








She started this blog because she thinks writing would be a pretty kick ass profession once she is “too old” for TV.


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  2. Sarah Zakareckis says:

    Hi Kelli,

    I would really like to talk to you about doing a fashion spread for Hush Chicago Magazine. You can find our magazine on Facebook, and issuu.com we are also published on Magcloud.com. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience. My email is sarahzakforhushchicagomagazine@gmail.com and my cell phone is 954 790 1670.

    Thank you and have a great day.


  3. Ed Pozarny says:

    Just saw you (covering the Mel Gibson trial)…very impressive! You remind me of someone I grew up with in Buffalo, NY. I’m a Podiatrist living in Arlington, Virginia. I’d love to offer you a free foot exam at the Arlington Podiatry Center! I don’t normally do the computer much but..hey thought I’d take a wild shot at this! Love to meet you. Good luck!! ED

  4. Literally just discovered your blog about 5 minutes ago & am really looking forward to getting my ‘daily dose of Zink’ here!! Your MET Ball post caught my eye when I logged in to WordPress – off to read it now 🙂 xoxo

  5. Rhaquel Swelteer says:

    Would like to comment after seeing you <kelli, on MSNBC. You were discussing problems you have reading comments from atheists and agnostics. You could really do a service (as a christian) by explaining the anger of non-believers to the other christians, so please allow me to explain. Non-believers are angry inside. Angry at their parents for forcing them to attend religious schools and go to churches. Angry that we must constantly be made to feel we are the oddball outsiders. How does that happen? At countless family dinners, where we are ASKED TO PRAY! Think about it. Why can't a person who knows me and loves me, honor me by saying "Before we eat lets take a moment to be thankful in silence.". That's not how it goes. It's: god this god that god god. In numerous parts of American life, a country that allows religious freedon, we are disregarded. You're right, we get angry, but it's not been noted by you, how many times after a catastrophy WE must see numerous quotes by people on TV about god's positive involvement in the events. By our logic, that thinking is askew. Sorry, you are right. We are angry, and no one wants to know why or change their consideration of us. Do you say "merry christmas" to your jewish friends every year?

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