One of the perks of working in entertainment is having a plasma tv at my desk. I watch MSNBC’s Morning Joe, The Today Show, Regis and Kelly, The View, E! News, The Daily 10 and then normally put on MSNBC or Fox News. Sometimes I flip on reruns of The Hills, Real Housewives or another fun show- but today I got a treat- Shopgirl!

I am not a huge fan of movies- I am not good at sitting still in the dark for hours and movies tend to take me to emotional places I am not in the mood for at that moment. I much prefer sports or hours of television- but films are important to both my job and society- so I do my best to watch.

There are a few films I adore. Good Will Hunting, Great Expectations, and Shopgirl top that list. After reading Steve Martin’s novella I was dying to see Shopgirl- and altough films are never as great as the book- I became an instant fan none the less.

My favorite part is the end and Steve Martin’s quote about love- gets me every time.

“I’m Back Baby”

Waking up at 1:21 am  wasn’t as horrible last night- for the first time in almost a week I didn’t have a sore throat. I watched an episode of “Dirty Sexy Money” (which just got cancelled-devastated) and eventually fell back asleep.

My trainer Michael Wollpert is more than just 6’1 of shreadded muscle- he also went to pharmacy school- which is key when I am sick. He refused to train me or let me attend his equi-tread class on Wednesday or Thursday. Apparently working out while recovering from strep is bad news bears and can effect your heart. Today I’ve been green-lighted for an hour with MW and I can’t wait to jump on the treadmill and sweat!


I am the most impatient person. I tried tinkering with this blog and lost all of my color schemes.

Start over.

Parties are fun when they are not yours. I posted my invite today- even though my birthday isn’t for another few weeks. A major pet peeve of mine is the “Maybe” response on Facebook. I think some people use it just to be frustrating.


I use it all of the time…

“The Day Everything Changed”

Me and BFF Cameron Post-Bright Pink

Me and BFF Cameron Post-Bright Pink

This is one of my favorite photos. It’s the night everything changed. I was hosting a charity event for “Be Bright Pink” ( with Steven Rosenguard from “Project Runway”.

Cameron Croft (pictured here) plays a large role in the foundation and quickly made me feel welcome. After he asked me to join him and his friends at Underground to celebrate.

That photo was taken May 5th, 2008 and since then Cameron and his girfriend Gina have introduced me to amazing friends- one person really can make a difference.

“I’m not a writer- I just blog a lot.”

I eat almost all natural foods, workout 6 days a week, drink liters of water and go to sleep at 8:30 4 days a week- and yet I still managed to get sick.

I’m blaming it on the daily stress of being on-camera (, meeting my deadline for Michigan Avene Magazine, and my weekly visits to NYC for “The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet” ( Also the fact that I try to party like a rockstar at least once a week probably isn’t helping my cause…

Being sidelined from has forced me to sit alone and slow down. During this time I cleaned, caught up on Gossip Girl and other addictions, and scoured the internet. Immediatly I became addicted to friends’ blogs and wanted my own- hence- the birth of

Living on the “Z” list is pretty cool- and I invite anyone to live vicariously through me (and my horrible spelling). Best part is- you can save yourself the stress, workouts, healthy eating, hangovers, layovers and cash.

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