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Summer 2015 Best Bikinis

1. I live in a city where you can only really wear a bikini MAYBE 4 months of the year.

2. I’m currently pregnant and growing further and further from a “sexy” swimsuit body.

And yet I manage to be completely obsessed with bikinis- to the point that I consider myself a solid  resource for finding pieces in places most don’t think to look.

Here are some of my favorite brands & sites for swim season:



My friends Meggy and Melissa introduced me to this brand and it’s quickly become one of my favorites for a few reasons. Price: every suit is around $79 bucks- for both the top and bottom. Fit: As a girl who used to wear an XS small top and now needs an XL, I can truly appreciate a suit that adds support and flatters a fuller bust. Color: the neon colors really pop against tan skin and are extremely flattering. 


Disclaimer- I’m pretty sure this style isn’t available anymore, but before it ran out of stock I also picked it up in gold. 

Don’t fret… almost every single suit on the site is simply incredible. I’m a huge fan of their line of bright solid suits with metal accents and the way these things fit. Nothing is worse that a suit that accents the wrong curvy parts and these do nothing but flatter. 


Speaking of bright colors, metal accents and the SIIICKEST fit ever- meet French brand Pain de Sucre. 

I stumbled upon this line while in St. Barth’s and was shocked by how flattering their pieces were. There is something about a simple solid suit that fits perfectly that can stand out more than one with a super crazy pattern- not that those aren’t fun too- but when you want the LBD version of a bikini…this is your brand. Luckily they also have an on-line store. 


Beach Bunny will always be my #1 OG brand- mostly because I was wearing one of these suits (including the above bottoms) when I fell in love with my husband. 

The majority of my bikini collection is Beach Bunny because their suits are; fun, trendy, SUPER sexy and they go on sale often. 

When I say *sexy* I mean it…their bottom cuts range from tiny to dental floss…so this summer most of my Bunnies will be packed away till post baby- but TRUST ME when I tell you that getting back into them is major motivation. 

IMG_2342 IMG_2344

Revolve is like an all-you-can-eat buffet of bikinis and swimwear. It doesn’t matter how modest or skimpy you want to go- they have multiple options. 

PLUS- they send you a pre paid envelope with return shipping so you can order as many as you like, try them on at HOME in your mirror and send back the rejects. Because let’s be honest- a suit may look beyond on a model but make you look like a stuffed sausage. (yes, I’m speaking from experience)

And remember- a spray tan makes EVERYONE feel better while trying to find their perfect summer staple.

Celebrating in Paradise

Hi. I’m back.

There is something I hate about birthdays. So much expectation and build up- and for what? I’m not a fan of parties, dinners or even opening gifts or feeling obligated to attend or buy them.

I know- total Debbie Downer. Don’t care. 

So this year I cut out the b.s. and traveled to paradise with my guy. St Barth’s to be exact.

He’s been traveling to the French Island since he was a kid and was excited to show me around, but I had no idea how magical it truly was until I experienced it.

If you’re thinking about your next trip…here are details of our trip on our travel blog.

I’ll just say it was the best 6 days of my life.






Cancun 2013

Happy New Year friends!

I once again saved my pennies and bolted from the ice cold Chicago and into sunny, hot Cancun.

We opted for an all-inclusive resort again and chose the Live Aqua in the hotel zone area. We’re not really sure if it’s worth it to go for an all-inclusive since we aren’t huge eaters and we didn’t drink a ton…but I’m sure if we did it the other way around we’d be convinced we should have gone all in. Either way, the hotel was beautiful and so was the weather.

The hotel featured gimmicks like; guacamole making classes, a guy who paraded around the pool with parrots daily, a live dinner circus show, a hot dog and fajita vendor, poker night and on and on.

cancun 2013 parrots

If you think we think we’re too cool to pose with parrots- then you would be dead wrong.

We vowed to make this a “chill vacation” and not take advantage of too much night life, so most mornings I was up early for the stunning sunrise.

Cancun 2013 sunriseTwo of the mornings I did yoga with the hotel’s instructor in a little grass hut that turned into a lobster & steak grill at night…and one morning I did my own little practice on the beach with the sunrise.

Cancun 2013 yogaBut before you go thinking I’m patting myself on my sunburned back- know that we were there for 7 days…so if you do the math- I was a slacker. Whatever- that’s what vacation is for!

Before we left from Chicago, I did some internet research (stalking) and found Terry – who went to MSU- who is bff’s with our friend DJ Rock City who also went to MSU. Follow? Anyhow -Terry is the boss in Cancun and runs some huge events and he welcomed us into his family and invited us to all of his fun parties including; Lil Jon and Red Foo from LMFAO. But guess what? We’re OLD and slept thru most of that fun. However we did meet him and his buddies at Carlos and Charlies for some good ole fashioned debauchery…and it was the only place showing the Bears game. Terry and I took this photo to send to our Rock City- friends! MSU! Chicago!

Cancun 2013 carlos n charlies

Moving along…Terry wasn’t the only amigo in town. Our close friend Daniel Alonso was also in Cancun and just like he owns many of the hot spots in Chicago, he also knows people who make Cancun awesome.

We met Dani at our hotel for a cocktail, and by the time we returned to our room…this happened!

live aqua celebtv

Yes, Dani knew the Live Aqua’s owner. Let’s just say, we were treated like familia once again.

cancun 2013 NYE bedOur bed on NYE

Yes we were ready. Dani’s friend Peter, the CEO of Nextel- hooked us up with two VIP tickets to see David Guetta in Playa Del Carmen which was about 45 mins away. He also insisted we allow his body guard and driver to take us, along with a Police escort. We can honestly say it was one of those nights where you just keep sneaking looks at each other- like “is this really happening?!”. Cliche, but I hear those are back in for 2013.

cancun 2013 Guetta stageThe venue was on the beach, and about 12 THOUSAND people attended the party. If you squint- you can see the little fence we were penned into for VIPs*.

A duo called “Tom and Collins” were one of the openers and I fell in love the second they mixed in Empire of the Sun. Check them out here.

As for David Guetta? Yes, he was amazing. On your feet, dancing and going wild amazing. At midnight there were fireworks and confetti. Around 3am our heads hit the pillow faster than you can say; “You slept thru your room service order dummies”.

I will say this- if you are on a skin medication (like I am)- be careful. I broke into one of the worst sun rashes you can imagine. A little cortisone from the Farmacia helped…but I’m still scratching to the point that my Chicago yoga instructor had to ask if I was ok* after class this am.

But I can take a little itching for a most memorable start to a New Year.

Cheers & Salud!



*old people who paid for tables because we were too uncool to hang with the kids, or actual people who are VIPs.

*had a contagious rash