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How To: Act Like You’ve Been Here Before

This post is dedicated to CelebTV’s newest rockstar: 20 year-old Jordan Chollette.

JC and me post interview.  *BTW- hey OITNB...you all casting crazy eyes part two? this is my audition pic

JC and me post interview.
*BTW- hey OITNB…you all casting crazy eyes part two? this is my audition pic

What makes this intern so fab you ask? Well, let’s just rewind to last night.

Jordan offered to come work the Glamorama red carpet even though- it was a Friday night and he makes $0 an hour.

Upon arrival he was on time and ready to shoot. It didn’t even dawn on me that this was his FIRST RED CARPET EVER.

But know what’s crazy? When I did finally realize that this was his first rodeo, I felt no panic. None.

Mind you, I still get nervous with photogs who’ve been in the game longer than I have, trust me-  it’s warranted.

But Jordan acted like he knew exactly what was happening, and when he didn’t he watched with a stealth eye. He didn’t try and ask celebs for an autograph, or block another outlet’s shot. And when he made a last second decision to switch lenses, he did it with swift perfection.

On the walk home I got to thinking and realized that this is a rare quality in our industry ESPECIALLY from someone who can’t even legally drink in this country yet.

Ok, I’m done with the lecture, I’m just saying that the new generations are always asking for advice on how to get a gig in media…and this is one key way to make it happen.

As for Derulo…once I showed him a photo from the wedding, something clicked and he realized that he had performed a few weeks earlier. He gave me a gigantic hug, looked at JC’s camera and proceeded to ask if “our viewers” knew what kind of crazy surprise Alex had planned.

Jordan even has a smile on his face while filming!

Jordan even has a smile on his face while filming!

I asked; as far as weddings go, if he thought ours was ok and if he wanted a similar style if/when he gets married someday.

That media savvy kid slyly dodged question 2, and said that he could feel the love at our party and loved that everyone was having such a blast. (and yes,I realized he was a paid performer…BUT trust me- this dude was genuine) (I have video to prove it!) (If JC was actually rolling…i kid)

JD and JC- they just get it.

Best Road Trip Destination

If you follow me on Twitter then you know I was in Arkansas last weekend shooting a piece for CBS Sports on “The Best Road Trip Destination in NCAA College Basketball”. If you don’t follow me on Twitter– then well….at least you check on me here!

Anyhow…Enterprise Rental had a Facebook contest where fans voted to help their school win and featured in a piece on CBS to air during the Final Four.

Believe it or not- Harding University won.

Now, as someone who went to a Big Ten school- and not just any school- one with one of the best college basketball programs out there- I was a bit confused as to how a Division two school won.

Turns out, the entire student body and their cousins, cousins voted once a day. Dedication wins people.

So we headed out to Little Rock for part one of the shoot, and then moved along to Searcy, AR.

Searcy is the first DRY COUNTY I’ve ever been to. I didn’t really know those existed to be honest, nor did I realize that to have a drink one would need to travel 30 miles from Searcy. Wild.

We shot at Yarnell’s Ice Cream Factory, and wouldn’t ya know, it was freezing that day. So here I am, one of the few people in the world who isn’t into ice cream- trying about 6 different kinds for the sake of the shot- in an ice cold lab. Thank goodness the GM Alex, was so nice- although he did give me the side eye when I asked for a spit cup like people use in Napa.


Taking out lactose frustration with the blade they use to slice ice cream at Yarnell’s.


Production assistant Mike with GM Alex and Producer Jill post -shoot.

The next morning we shot the “tailgate” at Whistle Stop BBQ. And by “tailgate” I mean, a group that included; the school’s President, cheerleaders, “Head Rowdies”, and other fans. They were all sober, and extremely polite and well behaved. Color me confused! At MSU’s tailgates we did beer slides.


Whistle Stop had all vintage decor, including this straight jacket from a local institution hanging from the ceiling.

After the *rowdy* tailgate, we headed over to interview Coach Morgan and three of the players on the court.

Coach was so sweet, and he actually teared up while talking about his love for the fans. He gave each of us a photo of the crowd to remember Harding by when we went home.


Put me in Coach!

At Harding, the students line up outside Rhodes Field House to get a seat for the men’s game- BEFORE the women’s game. Yes, so students cheer on both the women’s and men’s teams- genius.

Once I saw the stands filled, all of my skepticism was gone. These fans were INSANE. They all had their faces painted, and most of them had costumes on. A handful had mannequin head’s on sticks that they’d wave around while chanting.

It was quite a sight to see…but nothing compared to their National Anthem. The entire arena harmonized acapella to the Star Spangled Banner. It sounded like a church choir.

Lesson of the day: college kids who don’t drink can also be fun and wild.

After a successful shoot, we headed back into Little Rock, checked into our 3rd hotel in 3 nights (not that I was counting) and went to a celebratory dinner.

This was followed by fun with my friends Jeremy and Hadley who split time between Little Rock and Chicago. They took us to the coolest bar I’ve ever been to- it was a dive with three guys spinning, an artist creating and a performer. It was super cool to experience nightlife with things to do besides drink at stare at each other.

ImageHadley and Jeremy- the coolest married folk in the south.



The 5am wakeup call and trip to the airport was a real *treat*, and I couldn’t wait to get home. But I will say- there is something magical about the south. The hospitality of the people is something unlike anything i’ve seen in the Midwest.

To watch me suffer thru eating dairy and more shenanigans- tune into CBS on April 6th at 1pm.


Bad Girl!

Daily dose my butt, right!? The past two weeks have been mega awesome and I’ve been living rather than typing.

BUT… here are some of the highlights:

Interviewing Photographer Tyler Shields, who is one of the most interesting and talent people on the planet.

Me and Shaun at the Green Tie Ball. Awkward pose from me, but I LOVED wearing this dress. It’s from Top Shop.

Michael Pena was very down to earth and beyond amazing in “End of Watch”.

Steve-O! Who made us all blush with his naughty humor. I went to check out his stand up at Zanies last night and I didn’t stop laughing once.

Robbie Laughlin is flawless in person. Perfect hair, skin, teeth, and it looks like his clothes were sewn on him before he walks out the door. Plus he’s witty and kind. He’s also gay, or I’d try and make him my Valentine.

The real awesomeness of the week was Sunday Rosh Hashanah dinner at the Melman’s. It’s one of those dinners where you leave your phone in the car, and everyone just enjoys the conversation and food. Lots of food.

Cheers to catching up on sleep this weekend…yeah right.





Ball So Hard

me, Jen, Shannon, Michelle, and Meggy Fox (who crafted the shirts)

We came, we bowled, we conquered. Or some other cliche- whatever…we had fun.

Isaac, Pete, Dan and Victor

Thanks a million to Eric Bolf and Dez Clark for giving CelebTV a lane at his 88 Pinz Foundation event last night.

baller status!

We were teamed up with Google (my college buddy and former MSU baller Jason Andres happened to play on my team!!), Laurence Holmes (Score radio dj) and David Diaz (pro fighter).  And we had a total blast- everyone took a turn at bowling and we cheered each other on no matter how bad we were.

Victor giving it his all

I chatted with Brian Urlacher but chickened out when it came time to ask if he’ll be at Jenny McCarthy’s event tomorrow…guess it will have to be a surprise.

Jerry Azumah met our crew and Robbie Gould bet me a dollar he would beat me (he did-by a lot.)

Zoom Nation!

In the end, it was a really fun way to bond out of the office and I’m so glad we went.*

* I sound like Michael Scott

Dec 4/May 10

My boss’s wife, Rebecca Besser is awesome. And I’m truly not saying that because she is married to my boss.

She’s stunning with a kick a$% figure, she’s always dressed super stylish, she’s got a huge posse of equally as sexy lady friends, she can out dance me, and she’s raised some amazing children.

She also has the same exact birthday as me- December 4th.

This year her travel schedule was insane so she decided to have her party on May 10th. None of us had any clue what was going to happen…all we knew was to arrive at her house at 6:30pm and the invite stated “You can sleep when you’re dead”.

Upon arriving Rush Zimmerman (our friend and awesome photographer) was snapping pics and male models were checking us in, taking coats and handing out light up martini necklaces.

Then we saw this in the dining room:

popcorn bar!

and every detail in their gorgeous house had been taken care of:

look up!

The party was filled with about 150 women and we were treated to a creative “salad bar” featuring chefs making to order salads and a dessert bar plus endless champagne, a performance by an Opera singer and more.

To be honest… I drank Frescas and snuck out the back semi early,  but since it IS the boss- I figured she’s appreciate my desire to give good face on camera today.

Happy Birthday Rebecca (I’m not allowed to say which birthday it was- but after 21 who really cares, right!?)

Interviewing SJP

I’ve worked in the entertainment/sports industry for about 10 years, and I’ve become fairly immune to meeting celebs and actors.

But every now and then I hear I’ll be interviewing someone and get truly excited. Sarah Jessica Parker 100 percent falls into that category.

Like most girls, I’m a huge (but not “I’ve seen every episode”) Sex and the City fan. And I love seeing the fashion risks SJP takes in real life. Plus I’ve heard she’s really down to earth and sweet.

So I was prepared both with my outfit and questions for my red carpet interview with her on Friday. Jen Fisher- my co worker and friend was going to be my producer and she had me 100 percent prepped on SJP’s info (Jen has seen every episode- three times). And I rocked a green vintage skirt my Grandpa made for my mom with a vintage top- I felt my outfit was if nothing else, at least it was original.

As we waited for her to arrive at the Children’s Museum we looked nervously at the press line. Per usual we were at the end, second to last next to …..The Weather Channel. No idea what they were doing there, but rock on. Every local station was there, and I began to get a bit apprehensive that we’d get one question with her- if any.

Luckily I was very wrong.

Lovie Smith and Scottie Pippen walked past all the media without being stopped- so those two were fun and easy for us. As was Bonnie Hunt.

When SJP hit the carpet the flashbulbs were popping and by some miracle, when she ended her still photos she was standing right in front of me – so I called her over.

Let me just say- she is beautiful. 99 percent of the time a celebrity just looks like… well….someone famous. It’s hard to describe, but most of the time they are petite, way skinner in person, and they are uber put together. Sarah was no exception, she even smelled awesome- Jen and I both agreed.

She gracefully floated over to me and seemed to actually listen when I introduced myself. I was able to ask her three questions before her PR began to drag her away. Then she stopped and said “Hey- aren’t you going to ask me about the hospital.”

The event was for the opening of the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital, and while I was planning to ask her about it- I had to get the newsier questions in first. That’s just how the business works and sometimes the celebs just fold the event into an answer when they catch us reporters trying to be sneaky. Sarah didn’t, she answered every question honestly and with a smile- so I understand why she was surprised I left out the reason she was there.

I quickly rebounded with: “Of course I’d like to ask you about the Hospital, but your PR has wrapped my interview.” And get this- she told him she wanted to stay and talk more!

I thanked her afterwards and she replied with a genuine; “Nice to speak with you” and glided off to the Weather Channel. Damn did I want to hear that interview!

My favorite part of the night was the moment she stepped onto the carpet and was greeted with dead silence – you could literally hear the flashes going off. She looked around and said; “Wow- you all are so nice!” She’s obviously used to NYC and LA carpets with paparazzi screaming at her and reporters badgering her for questions.

Go Chicago. This one definitely one of the nights I was thankful to work in The Windy City.

Photo: Jen Fisher

SJP is wearing Oscar de Larenta

* the interview will be up either today or sometime this week on CelebTV.com