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Romance in Chicago

For years I’ve been hearing about how Gejas Cafe is the most romantic restaurant in Chicago. It’s in every magazine, blog and their website is full of proposal photos. Every time you say the word “Gejas” people get a dreamy look in their eye and you can see them re-living memories.

So I finally went. I broke down, made a 5:30pm reso- weeks in advance mind you because the place books up- and entered “the most romantic setting in Chicago”.

The place was cute, charming even and it reminded me of a place we had in college called Beggars Banquet. Was it blow me away romantic? No.

They pretty much make you choose between one of their platter combo meals which includes; cheese fondue, salads, a platter of meat, chicken and or seafood with veggies and chocolate fondue for dessert.

We started with the cheese fondue, served with stale bread chunks and fruit and we pretty much knew  it would be downhill from there.  First off- they put the pot on the other side of the table so you have to reach like you have a  go go Gadget arm just to dip your food. And it was just blah.

The soggy salads tasted like something you’d be served at a wedding.

Since I don’t eat meat, we requested two separate pots of oil to cook the main courses. The waiter and staff by the way were fantastic, nice, professional, blah blah. BUT for some reason they think it’s normal to present all of the meat on the same platter as the seafood. There was raw chicken spooning my shrimp.

To most people that isn’t a big deal, but trust me….if you don’t eat meat- you want it nowhere near your food.

We pointed this out to the waiter who apologized, took it into the back and moved the chicken to Shaun’s side with the other meat. He clearly didn’t realize that the shrimp still had raw chicken touching it- moments earlier. I very nicely pointed this out and he seemed confused, but took it back and exchanged it for an entirely new platter.

Side note- I’m sure they took all my seafood and rubbed raw meat all over it in the back. Kidding, but that’s how annoyed they seemed with my request.

We didn’t even finish half of the caveman-sized meal and were presented with a bill that was ridiculously expensive. In fact, we’re pretty sure we were accidentally over charged but I hate confrontation and refused to ask for an itemized receipt. So I sent them an email today and I’m blogging (very mature, I know). I think email was created so people could avoid awkward conversations with people.

Anyhow-  the real “romance” was the fact that we reeked of oil when we left. Nothing like bonding over how bad you smell, right?

If this place would serve half the amount of food, they could charge less and maybe people like myself wouldn’t be so turned off the following day. Then again, it has been in business forever and is always packed so why listen to me?

Next time I’m looking for romance I’ll light some candles and cook dinner at home, in fact I think I saw a Fondue set on Gilt.


I can’t decide if it’s annoying or cool when a restaurant has no sign out front.

On one hand I think there is something very speak easy ish about un unmarked door you have to peer thru and ask a big bouncer if you’re in the right spot and if you can come in. On the other hand, it’s a pain to be on the phone with someone till they finally find it.

A place like this is about to open in Chicago at Clark and Kinzie and it’s called Untitled.

Last night I got to give it a test drive and attend a tasting dinner.

fancy! the ambiance is dark and sexy and the place is HUGE. start planning your next company/bachelorette/holiday outing here- it can hold some people.

squash blossoms with ricotta and truffle honey

When you’re invited to a tasting dinner there are normally guidelines so that people don’t go nuts and eat the new place out of house and home. We were treated to : two starters, one large dish, two sides and dessert.

The choices were tough (because it all looked amazing) but we went with:

squash blossoms- very rich. lots of flavor.

frites- unreal. three dipping choices, my favorite was the cheese aioli.

short ribs and scallops- shaun ate the meat and we both loved the preparation and flavor of the scallop.

trout- looked like salmon. tasted like salmon. was indeed trout. I liked the crispy seer on the fish and the flavor, but there were large chunks of garlic in what it was served with so I avoided the rest of the plate. I’d order it again.

chocolate donuts- if you dont have anything nice to say… listen, I’m always honest with ya’ll so you don’t think I’m a big bs’er even though I feel awful when I dont love something and share it.  Let me just say that those are well on their way to being awesome.

I really liked the vibe in Untitled and our server couldn’t have been more attentive. Go check it out- ask for Felipe and tell him KZ sent ya.