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Just Spin

Soul Cycle is awesome…blah blah- we’ve been hearing about this NYC fitness institution for years thanks to it’s crazy celebrity following and FINALLY Chicago is getting an invite to the party.


Heavy Metals

The website is live and classes start Tuesday, April 14th- BUT the real reason for this post is because of an event they are throwing with LADY GAGA on April 21st.

Yep- for only 1k you can ride cheek to cheek* with Gaga.

*Well, not really…the bikes directly next to her already sold out for 2500$.

BUT mega fans still get to breathe the same air…and all the proceeds go to the Born This Way Foundation.

How much would YOU pay to ride with your favorite celeb?

Buy your golden ticket here.

Love Yo SELF

Saturday’s SELF Magazine event was wild.

The rain held off, my friends came and did almost EVERY single class and the park was packed.


Lexi, Gable, Policy, Me and E Smith attempting a jump shot. Lex’s Mom was in town from Denver and not only did she take this shot, but she was working out all day along side the ladies like a champ!

I had 0 plans to do the workouts and didn’t even wear a sports bra- but the workouts looked like so much fun that I jumped in and sampled lots of classes. Let me tell you- jumping jacks in a push up are a real blast.



Katie Cassidy was not only doing all the workouts, but of course she looked amazing after. Damn celebs always keep it so tight. Plus- she was really nice and open to shoot some fun stuff with us.


Celebs are robots who always look perfect, and I’m cool with dat.


The girls from Skirt PR not only got the event TONS of press beforehand, but they were on point during as well. A great PR team can make or break the experience…and they were on their game from the moment I arrived until they put me into my Uber to go home.

And of course the entire staff at SELF keep me well prepped and made my job easy…and we had some laughs too. Hail to the V!

Six hours of pep, workouts and talking can really drain a person- who knew right? So after I literally sat on my couch for an hour and zoned out in silence.

But that’s the meaning of a great day of work, right? You gave it so much that silence is enough.

Get YourSELF in Shape


Next weekend come hang with me and Katie Cassidy (from Arrow!) and workout with SELF Magazine in Chicago.

This is a fantastic networking event if your looking to get into health and fitness, plus it’s a ton of fun and an actual workout.

Plus, there’s tons of free stuff and it’s only $20 bucks to get in- no excuses!

See you there?

Workout Motivation Trick

My gf who shall remain nameless, emailed me and said she needed some workout motivation to get into the gym after work.

My methods are cruel and very unusual…but I shared my words of wisdom…which I will now pass along to you:

Drink a 5 hr energy. Then go on Pintrest and go to the “quotes” or “fitness” category. Then go to the bathroom and lift up your shirt in the mirror – only stomach. Look at your pasty gut.

That should do it.

But really, try that the next time you’re thinking about skipping the gym.


KZ and KCav

Last night Nike Chicago threw a huge training club event at Soldier Field.

Around 300 females were on hand to for a 30 min workout with 2 Nike master trainers and a winter weather-inspired fashion show.

And around 100 of us were treated to a VIP experience, where we got to go in the visitor’s locker room and see our names in a locker filled with Nike gear.

Me in my “Zink” locker

Since I was there to interview Kristin Cavallari, our PA Megan Fox took one for the team, geared up and did the killer workout.

How adorable is she?


Two bad ass Nike trainers. That’s Marie Purvis talking in front of her huge poster.

The ladies workin’ hard on Soldier Field

Ok- I admit it- I was a total baby and hung in the warm locker room waiting for Kristin to arrive for our interview!

She was super sweet, and we laughed about the last time we were hanging out…in much different circumstances. Oh- and she looks amazing- but she admits she works out hard to look that way. I also learned that she hasn’t spray tanned since DWTS (inquiring minds wanted to know) and that she loves Armani mascara.

We were asked not to bring up Jay’s condition so I respected that and kept it to fitness, baby and fashion.

Chillin’ post interview. I wish I would have snapped a photo of her custom Bear’s dunks. They were SIIICK.

The entire interview will be up on CelebTV.com later today.



How cool is this!? Bright Pink asked me if I’d lead a ride with trainer and instructor extraordinaire Michael Wollpert to benefit the charity. No brainer. Bright Pink, Flywheel Spin and Michael are three of my favorite things.

If you want to ride with us- it’s only 25 dollars (the price of a normal drop in rate) and the cash all goes to Bright Pink!

It’s on Wednesday August 22 at 7:30pm at the downtown Chicago location.

To join- book your bike here.


Nike Girls

Sometimes when I’m at Nike events listening to a speaker explain new technology, I zone out and think about how working there must be a dream job. Actually this happens most of the time which is no good because then when I try and use my new device or gear and I have no clue what’s happening.

Last night I caught myself doing this just in time before drifting off to Oregon, and paid attention to some top secret Intel to share with ya’ll about Nike Plus’s new program.

Nike has come out with a new shoe that has censors in it, so your every movement is calculated and logged. This allows you to not only set a goal, but have a number in mind to beat that goal. They have paired this with a series of videos for the i phone of athletes leading you thru their training program. You follow along, then it’s measured by the shoes.

Trust me, I watched the demo and it was kinda mind blowing.

Jeanette Jenkins aka “The Hollywood Trainer” was on hand to talk about how her celeb clients get bored and a tool like this is an amazing motivator for them.

While most of the 30 or so ladies* went into the demo room to try on the new shoes and technology, I waited to meet Jeanette and snap this pic. She oozes swag and was super cool, as was her friend and fellow celeb trainer Michael Myers.

In true Nike style, each girl was led to a locker with our names on them. Each bag contained a sports bra, top and pants. They were neon and awesome.

While I’m normally not a fan of all chick events, since this one was celebrating Title Nine– it reminded me how wack society used to be and that I’m lucky that it’s a no brainer that women are allowed to run whenever they choose.

America! Nike! Just Do It.


*a mix of trainers,editors, fitness buffs and taste makers in Chicago.