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2013 MET Gala

I get really heated over people’s reactions to MET Gala fashion each year.

This is not the Oscars people, this is a night to be bold, and wild and have fun with style. So chill out, they aren’t supposed to look “pretty”. Let them have a little fun.

This year’s theme was *punk* and I applaud the celebs and models who tricked it out.

Oh and did I mention it’s on my bucket list to attend this one day? A girl can dream..


Anne Hathaway you really silenced those haters. Love the hair.


Madonna- isn’t she the original queen of punk? How can you not love that she went all out!? What- you want her in a boring dress?


The spray tan. The hair. Nicole Richie- you are amazing.


I flipping can’t stand Taylor Swift- but I’ll admit that she werked it and I’m a fan of this look.


Cara Delevigne – everyone wants to hang with her and be her and bang her. Put me one of those categories. She rocks.


This Bitch just knows how to do punk better than anyone else. Rooney Mara is punk for life.


Olivia Wilde really impressed me with this two piece number. And is her dude wearing Nikes?! LOVE.


The King and Queen of the Prom- always.

photos and more People here.


Today on Fox Chicago I did a segment on the newest trends in hair- and weaves.

We played a fun game where Anna had to guess if my two co workers and a Fox producer’s hair was real or faux.


The thing is, I really do believe it all three of the things we talked about; the Halo, Clip ins and Hot Heads.

I can not say enough about my love for Christina Morales- who does my hair. Anyone looking to try out extensions- she is 100% the way to go.


Watch the segment and all the fun here.

Beachy Waves

Every girl wants beachy waves, right?

Bumble and Bumble must have made millions off their Surf Spray and yet still women can’t seem to nail this effortless looking style.

My co worker Jennifer McCarthy is as obsessed with new beauty and style trends as I am, and last week she brought in her newest toy- the Revlon 3 Barrel Waver.

She had tried it and felt more 80’s than sexy, and wanted another opinion.

I’ve tried a similar iron before and wound up with crimped, kinky hair that only looked good again after a wash. But this time I wised up and tested the iron on an extension first, was happy with the results and went for it.


post wave maker

I’m pretty, pretty happy with the results. I feel very Cindy Mancini and Marissa Miller-ish. FEEL, I’m aware I look nothing like these people. But if I squint when I look in the mirror…it works.


Can’t Buy Me Love, CAN buy me a wave iron.

It’s really easy to use- just start at the top of a section of hair…hold the iron…then move down to the end.

The true test was when my straight male friends complimented my new look- and imagine how it will look with Charmsies! *knowing I just lost my male audience*

Charmsies, I’m sure.

There is a fine line between following someone on social media and being a weirdo stalker right?

One of the people I follow on Instagram is Renee Bargh from Extra.. I dig her style and her hair stylist deserves a gold medal for the way they nail those waves on a consistent basis. And even though we work in the same field, and it’s a very small industry- we’ve never met. SO I feel a TAD creepy “liking” and commenting on her photos.

But that didn’t stop me from halting dead in my tracks the other day on Instagram when I saw her sporting crystals in her hair called “Charmsies”.

Of course I immediately went to their page to check them out and order a set.

I never really got into those feather extensions or the dip-dye color stuff, but something about these gems really do it for me.

And as fate would have it, I stumbled on a similar product in Sally Beauty yesterday. For $3.99, I bought what are basically strands of fishing wire with gems on them that snap into hair with a magnet. The real deal involves a flat iron from the looks of their website.

I wore them out last night instead of earrings and got great feedback and I’m real excited for the rose gold set I ordered to arrive today. *in 12 year old girl voice*


selfie alert!

So, if these are the next big trend….I only have one question; “Why didn’t I think of this!?!”.