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Juice vs Juice

Today another juice cleanse popped up in my inbox for a place I’d never heard of called Nektar Juice Bar  on Gilt City,  in Santa Monica California(delivery to Chicago).

Last week a cleanse for a new place in Old Town called Element223 was on Gilt…and it feels like a new spot is popping up all the time. Thank goodness, I mean I love Blue Print and all, but one can only take so many #1s before they go insane.

I did a little looking around to see what is out there as far as what’s offered for Chicago as far as juice cleanses go and they all look very similar. 6 juices per day with 5 being fruit and veggie based and one nut-milk type drink.

So what is the most cash friendly? See below:

Nekter Juice– Santa Monica, CA- Gilt City- nektarjuicebar.com

3 day- 129 Gilt City (normally  165)

5 day- 180 Gilt City (normally 269)

Juice Rx- Chicago- juicerxcleanse.com

3 day- 210

5 day- 345

Blue Print– NYC- blueprintcleanse.com

3 day- 195

5 day – 195 + 130

Element233– Chicago- element233.com

3 day – 185

5 day- 300

Peeled– PeeledChicago.com

3 day- 195

5 day- 255

3 day detox/meal plan (4 juices, 2 meals and a dessert) 165


How To Make It Thru A Juice Cleanse

It feels like every day another person I know kicks off a juice cleanse, and I encourage them to come to me with questions.

I’ve done a few in my day, so I know how to fail and binge sneak eat on day one or successfully sail thru day 5 and into a string bikini in Cabo.
Here are some tips and tricks:

  • Drink the “shake” or #6 bottle in two portions. 1/2 when you are the most hungry (for me it’s lunchtime) and the other half for dinner. I find that I never can finish a bottle at one sitting and it truly keeps me full for a bit during the day.
  • Add ice. Drinking the juices over ice seems to make all the difference for me, perhaps I like them a bit diluted. I also add a pinch of sea salt to the green juices.
  • Take walks. When you feel like you want to give up and eat- take a walk and drink some water. The intense hunger will pass in about 20 mins and the distraction of the walk is sometimes all you need.
  • Accept the fact that you have to pee- a lot.
  • Don’t drink. I did a cleanse and had a few cocktails and trust me, it’s not worth waking up and feeling like hell. It will also sabotage your efforts and lead to a McDonald’s breakfast. Supersized.
  • That depression, hopelessness and sadness is normal. You miss looking forward to planning meals and much of life centers around being social thru food. Remind yourself why you chose to cleanse and remember that you can break bread with your friends lots of other times once it’s over.
  • Embrace the “weird” and own it. Last week I took a lunch meeting with Google while I was juicing. I sat with a few of their staff in their amazing cafeteria and gazed at the salad bars. Just explain you’re juicing like it’s no big deal. These days it’s more accepted and if you don’t make a big show, neither will anyone else.
  • Realize how awesome it is to sleep harder and wake up with a ton of energy.
  • Love the way your clothes fit, and keep getting bigger even the following week after you’ve cleansed.
  • Enjoy being fully hydrated and understanding how oversized our portions actually are.

Hope this helps – happy juicing.

Detox Fail

With so many detoxs and cleanses on the market- sometimes it can be hard to wade thru the B.S.

I recommend people try a solid juice delivery cleanse for their first time- all the work is done for you and you just have to drink.

But some companies take advantage of the fact that a juice cleanse can cost about 150 bucks and they swoop in and trick you into trying their crap.

My friend just got a cleanse on Groupon- for $40. This immediately seemed shady to me, especially since they only include; a huge gallon of “detox drink” and a “meal supplement” drink.

I looked over the flyer that came with her cleanse and wanted to burn it on the spot.

They instructed that you eat as much fruit as you want and each day a new fruit juice is introduced. Day 1 was a photo of MOTTS APPLE JUICE.

Are you kidding me!?! Here- drink and eat just sugar all day for 5 days.

Needless to say- she gave up after one day. Sometimes it’s better to invest in the real deal when it comes to something that is already torture.

Here is the website- avoid it people!



Windy City —-> West

Hey look at me- I’m blogging from the air.

Just one of the reasons I love Virgin Airlines- I can be online while I watch TV. It’s like I never left work…wait- that’s not cool- I’m on vacation.

Anyhoo..I’m on the way to LA for the 3rd Annual Windy City West event at M Street Kitchen. It used to be called LGO, but somewhere along the way the name got swapped out. The event is basically a big party for LA celebs and people who have a Chicago connection. The Melman family bring out all the best Chicago food staples and it’s a really fun event that I look forward to every year.

Then tomorrow I leave for Cabo- where it will hopefully be warm enough for a bikini.

Which leads me to the juice cleanse results.

I decided to quit juicing after a solid 5 days, because on Friday night I had a glass of wine (or two) to celebrate one of my best friend’s birthdays. Clearly Saturday morning I woke up feeling like death and decided that was the day to chew again. My first meal was from Lux Bar; a crab cake, veggie burger and baked potato. I had about 5 bites before I felt sick and had to take a pause. My fault- they tell you to break the cleanse with veggies and broth, not remoulade…but whatever. Saturday night I had a salad and Sunday morning, I finished the salad after my workout and I felt fine.

Would I do a cleanse again? Hells yes. I felt lighter, more aware and alert, my skin felt softer, eyes looked brighter and I SWEAR my eye lashes grew.

And the part ya’ll prpbably care about- I lost weight. Probably a lot. I didn’t weigh myself before…but on Saturday am pre-meal I weighed much less than I think I normally do. I’d say I dropped about 5 lbs, even my airbrush tanner Jenn Dias noticed.

I will also say that my for junk food cravings have been muffled. Today at the airport I didn’t even have McDonald’s breakfast…which NEVER happens.

I have added back some of the water weight that I lost, but I still feel much more svelte than I did a week ago…and that was the goal.

And with that-

“I’m leaving…going back home to the West Coast. I wish you could put yourself in my suitcase.” – Coconut Records