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Big Gay Brunch

I love brunch. I also love my gay friends. I am not really a fan of taking a cab all the way to Boystown on a Sunday. Why are there only one or two “gay” bars in River North? How do we create a fun brunch party?

Those random questions were swirling in a few of our heads and so we decided to do something about it.

Kevin Aeh, James Goeke and Ari Bendersky are three of my favorite people. They are;  smart, hilarious, witty, snarky, and they surround themselves with an incredible network of people.

Chef Ryan Poli is VERY pro gay rights and always down for a fun and innovative party, so we all teamed up to throw our first “Bacon and H.A.M Brunch”.

The bacon was a play on the gay equality symbol and H.A.M is just funny and Goeke’s favorite saying- inside joke….but it worked.

We agreed we needed a dj would would get the vibe and play amazing music (Megan Taylor) and a liquor sponsor to help booze everyone up (Nicole Tempesta and Yacht Club Vodka).

 I reached out to all my gay,straight and confused friends to invite them and most thought it was a great idea…cause the place was packed.

The vibe was really unlike anything I’ve seen in a while. Tempesta and her Yacht Vodka brought sailor hats which always seem fun after a cocktail or two. Everyone was up and chatting and bouncing around. It was my heaven.


Chef, Ari, Me, Nicole and James. Megan was busy spinning.

The next one will be even better- we are making notes on what worked and what didn’t.

But we can’t wait to taste the rainbow again.


Straight men- hello…girls love gay brunch!

Fall Out Boy Reunion

Saturday night I co hosted Angels and Kings 2 Year Anniversary Party at the Hard Rock Hotel with my friends; Jessica Zweig, Kevin Aeh and Pete Wentz.

When the original AK opened back in 2008, I wasn’t even allowed to attend the party because Pete Wentz and Ashley Simpson were not fans of CelebTV and thought we were a dirty tabloid site. They were wrong and I was crushed.

Since then I’ve been at several parties and even attended a group dinner with Pete- and assumed I’d gained some trust.

But when I asked for an interview with him, I was told I could have 2 mins at 11pm and could ask no personal questions.

Well, let’s do the math. I’m at the point in my life that 11pm is VERY late for an interview and 2 mins is enough time for basically one or two questions. Plus, since I was a host…I planned to have an adult beverage or two- and I never drink when I’m working. 8pm-11pm at a party I was hosting with no cocktails on a Saturday night =’s no fun. Side note: if this were for an interview with a someone who was going to graciously give me a decent amount of time and talk about something of substance- I’d have no problem doing an interview at any time of day.

So we declined the interview, with an eye roll. Doesn’t co-hosting a party for a place a guy owned and promoting it on both TV and social media earn us a little something more? How about an 8 min sit down that evening in his bar to promote his book? Nope. Nada.


Jessica, Pete, Me and Kevin. The three of us coordinated the black and white, my outfit is from TopShop. The coordinated outfits helped motivate some old dogs to get out on a Saturday night.

I ended up with a few photos and Pete saying “Is your hair different?”. He was perfectly nice and friendly with us.


The photogs asked for a shot of me and Pete solo. I was hoping rumors would spark that we were a new item and I’d reach Kardashian-like fame…but alas…

Turns out Pete wasn’t doing much press because he was planning to announce the reunion of Fall Out Boy today.

He denied the news to my friend Luis when he braved the snow and waited up patiently for Wentz to arrive and give him his two mins.

I understand the need to *break* big stories in the way your label wants you to, but whatever happened to loyalty and being cool with the media who have supported you and your business for years?

Perhaps Pete will call up both me and Luis and give us another crack at those interviews…either way- thanks for the memories- it was a great party.


If you haven’t checked out So.Yeah.Duh by now, then you probably don’t live in Chicago and then that’s totally ok cause you may not get the jokes and then you would think my sense of humor is off.

Which brings me to my next point(s)- I need to go back to my #1 Rule:

Never read comments about myself.

Time Out Chicago did a poll on who they think could be behind this blog and included me:


Awesome, right? Well…kinda not really. See, if you look in the comments section you’ll see this:

Soyeahhuh?11 hours ago

Ryan is way too cheap to stay up on most of this. Lisa and Monica are totally smart, witty ladies who could produce this seemingly Gossip Girl .gif (pronounced “JIFF” people) fest. They both have my vote. Who says it can’t be multiple contributors? KZ? No. Love her, but…no.
Well, thanks Soyeahhuh? for the “love” but do you think all I care about is Celebrity News and working out? Fair enough- my fault…it’s the “image” I’ve created via social media platforms and around town. I suppose I’d rather be respected and “loved” and then have people be surprised that I have a sense of humor. Or do I feel that way? Oh and also- not nice words about Ryan, he is one of the sweetest men in Chicago and doesn’t deserve those words.
Guess it’s moments like this that make us challenge who we are or are perceived to be as people.
At any rate- it’s not me, but the blog IS hilarious and I hi 5 the girl behind it daily.*
*yes, I do know who’s behind it and they are genius.

It’s Britney!

FlyWheel Spin is always mixing it up with theme classes- and last night’s was an entire hour of Britney Spears.

The class filled up a week before, so instead I did the class before with my friend Kevin Aeh. Our instructor Michael Wollpert showed us his Britney costume before class and it looked insane.

But then we stuck around after to snap some photo proof.

Is your workout this fun?