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How to Shop For A Newborn

Now that I’m on kid #2, I consider myself an expert on what you need to keep a baby alive and make your life less of a living hell.

I’m sure all of your mom friends have told you what works for them, you’ve read a 100 blogs and pinned even more photos of your dream nursery, and that’s totally cool- but I’m here to share what works for me. Not everything is the most photo-worthy piece, but I’m guessing you won’t care about that when it shuts up your screaming newborn.

Here We Go:

  • Fisher Price Rock N’ Play. This thing is genius because you can use it from day 1, it supports baby’s head and rocks them while they sleep (which is what they do most of the time in the beginning). It’s portable and we like it best near the dinner table or kitchen so we can keep an eye on her while we’re doing adult things. Yes we like this better than the Mamma Roo, MUCH better.
  • Chicco Portable Baby Bassinet. You’re new $$$ crib may be adorable, but you probably won’t use it for a few months. Instead, your baby will sleep next to your bed (or your in-law’s/night nurse’s bed) in a bassinet. We realized that while you can spend $$$ on a super cool version from Pottery Barn Kids, it’s much cheaper to buy this one AND you can travel with it too.
  • Playtex Diaper Genie Diaper Pail.  Diapers don’t typically smell like death until your baby starts consuming actual food, but you still want to keep the place smelling as fresh as possible. After trying several diaper garbages, this one works best. (BUT our almost 2 year old’s diapers still smell up the place enough to make you cry)
  • Medela Pump and Save Bags and Pumpin’ Pal Flanges (only read this if you plan to pump). I’m one of those over-producing people who has enough milk to feed half the city of Chicago and these bags make it simple to date and freeze milk for later. Flanges are the part of the pump that attach to your boob and when you pump, sometimes you want to sit back and chill. Most flanges make that impossible, and NO ONE wants to sit up straight at 1am. These are angled and let you sit back while you pump.
  • Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer.  This thing is so simple you can use it in your sleep, and trust me- half the time you are warming up a bottle you will be half awake. It’s fast, easy to clean and you can set the time to the second.
  • Phillips AVENT Bottle Drying Rack.  The little green grass bottle dryer is super cute, but this thing doesn’t get mold in-between the blades of faux grass. It’s cheap too. As far as brushes go, we like the Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush.
  • Speaking of bottles, EVERYONE has an opinion on which kind to use. We like Dr. Browns.  Make sure you are buying the right nipple size- they change as baby gets older and eats more.
  • Burp Cloths.  We like aden + anais, but you can honestly use anything. Keep extras everywhere.
  • Phillips Newborn Soothie Pacifiers.  With my first baby, I brought one of those cute little stuffed animal pacifiers to the hospital and wondered why she wouldn’t take it. It’s because newborns need a newborn pacifier- so simple yet how the heck were we supposed to know that?!
  • My Baby Soundspa Sound Machine.  White noise =’s sleep.
  • Swaddle Me Wraps.  Oh you mastered the swaddle? Cool. But instead of fumbling around with a mini psycho, why not just use this. They keep baby wrapped and even a mini David Copperfield would have a hard time getting out. I’m legit pausing to buy two more as we speak.
  • Swaddle Blankets.  Yes, I literally just told you to use something else to swaddle baby, but you need these for other reasons. Use them as an extra layer or breast feeding cover. With baby #1 I bought that apron cover thing and realized it becomes an extra thing to pack and it’s awkward to use- these roll up and take up very little space.
  • Kickee Pants Zipper Onsies (with feet). Here’s the deal- $35 bucks seems like a TON for a onsie when you can get them at Target for so much cheaper, but this brand is SUPER soft and holds up extremely well. You want a zipper because it’s easier and faster to use during changes and you want feet because most babies hate having cold feet. I’d rather cycle thru 4 of these than 15 of another brand and you can re-sell them on baby consignment websites like Kidizen.  
  • BabyBijorn Carrier.  It’s the OG carrier for a reason. This is my best friend- I put her in it when I’m doing things around the house, running errands and would choose it over a stroller 9 times out of 10. I tried some other wraps and got super confused and frustrated- this is straight forward and once you figure it out, it’s a snap. If you live near a Bye Bye Baby- go there and they will show you how to use it.
  • Baby Boppy Lounger and Podster . Get one of each to put around your house. I find them especially useful with adult bathroom/shower time.

So that’s my list.

Yes you need other stuff like; diapers, a carseat, stroller, baby wash, bottle wash… but that stuff is more obvious. This is supposed to help you with things that you maybe had no clue you even needed- I wish someone had told me…we would have saved a ton of time and $$$.