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Lolla 2012 In Photos

Friday this guy braved a gifting lounge for some wristbands to the fest. I’m eternally grateful to him and the fact that he proves some actors are real people. Thanks Josh!

This guy is OPIE! Brad has been coming to the festival forever. He his friends with the people that throw it and always takes care of us. We adore him and want to steal him from Alabama.

We ran into Jill and Anderson while we fueled up in the artist lounge behind the Bud Light Stage.

Me, Tara, Policy and Kat before Passion Pit.

During Passion Pit- before the sun set on Grant Park.

Saturday Nicole and I hit the Gilt City Pool Party, then a crew of us caught Poolside’s DJ set at Nellcote-  they played “Harvest Moon” for me!

We braved the storm in Hard Rock then headed back to the fest.

The evacuation meant less lines to get on the side stage, so Policy and I made it up for Franz Ferdinand! 


Policy and I ran into tall Mike, David Arquette and their ladies on the way out Saturday night- and we were all fascinated by these two randoms who were covered in mud. I made Policy snap this photo- she is a good paparazzi.

We met this guy- Max Dolinsky- an 11 year old with superior taste in music and ran into him again Sunday at Gaslight Anthem.

Kirby is a long time Lolla friend circa LA- here we are on the way to Miike Snow.

Ari, Kevin, Neelu, Chris, Shaun and Policy dancing outside the artist lounge for Miike Snow. Fun x 100,000.


Let’s just get this out of the way- it’s pronounced “dead mouse”.

Saturday night my girlfriends and I had a plan- we wanted to see the dj Deadmau5 perform* at Studio Paris.

You may be thinking: “But Kelli, you bore your readers with tales of Studio Paris all the time- why did you need a plan?”

Answer: Deadmau5 is one of the most popular djs in the world right now, and has a huge following. Tickets were going for around $200 bucks a pop with tables being sold for $3000. Plus- we knew he wouldn’t go on until at least midnight/1am…so we’d have to stay up way past some of our bedtimes. AND- since Studio Paris is a way smaller venue than Deadmau5 normally plays- this was sure to be an insane place to see him, and to get into.

Thankfully E Smith’s friend Jon had invited us (and about 30 others) to sit at his table, so we walked in with him around 11:15pm*.

The night was unforgettable. The entire place was dancing, there was champagne everywhere and killer music. We danced till almost 3am before calling it a night.

I wore a pair of Nike dunks, jeans, a track jacket, tank top and oversized glasses with thick frames. The guys were all laughing at my super casual outfit- but I had the last laugh…Nikes make for super easy hours of dancing on furniture and going home with comfortable feet. Plus- any guy who doesn’t support a girl dressed down in dunks- isn’t for me anyway!

Kim, me, Nicole, E Smith and Katrina pre show- huge smiles cause we had just gotten in

Nicole and I pushed our way to the front of the dj pit* to get a shot of Deadmau5 without his signature mouse head on. Thanks* to three 7ft guys who wouldn’t let us sneak in to take a photo.

*perform- spin records or whatever djs play on these days

*walking in at 11:15pm- I normally go to bed at 9:30p or 12:00p on weekends

*dj pit- spot in front of the dj booth where people were dancing

* thanks- mean tall guys

Real Talk, Fake Booty

Tara Flocco is one of my favorite homegirls. Just when you think you know her, she comes at you with some new detail about her life that blows your mind.

We had a date for drinks and met at Barcito, two hours later we were joined by more of our lady crew and called it an early night.

After Saturday I am convinced we are close to the same person. We even showed up in almost the exact same outfit (but would never ask “What are you wearing” because we hate when girls ask that question).

Policy, me and T Flo at Barcito.

Policy and I had a killer spin workout at Flywheel Spin earlier that morning and then brunch with Kim. At brunch Policy presented me with my (belated) birthday gift- butt pad underwear.


She had seen them on The Today Show and felt I could use some junk in the trunk, so I wore them out Saturday.

Other than the fact that my butt felt fake (if you touched it)…it looked pretty ass-tastic. Who cares if it’s fake advertising…especially if the merchandise isn’t for sale.



Birthday Policy

Last night we took our friend Nicole (Policy)  out for her birthday.

Impromptu cocktails at Barcito turned into dinner at  Balena then our version of dancing at Paris Club.

Balena just opened and normally during a spot’s first week there are bumps and dishes come out messed up, the owners and staff are frantic and you leave with complaints.

Our experience was completely the opposite, even before we stepped into the restaurant. I emailed owner/partner Kevin for a reso expecting him to laugh, and instead he promptly took care of it.

We were greeted at the door by John, another owner/partner who walked us to our table. I have never sat at a table like this, it was built into a cove that allowed for privacy and perfect conversation yet we could still see the entire dining room.

Kevin took us on a tour and then brought out a bottle of champagne (sent from a *friend*). Our server walked us thru the menu and then the most memorable part happened- Kevin said:

“Nicole, you’re vegan right? John read on your Twitter page that you are so we want to take care of you.”

How amazing is that!?

Thankfully- she’s now eating cheese so we all shared:

Two pizzas- one basil and tomato and the mushroom. Both amazing with killer crust.

The “Balena”- a platter with meats, cheeses and breads. I didn’t eat any of it but the girls all loved.

Buratta- the ladies also were huge fans…so much so that I didn’t get a bite.

Poached Tuna and White Bean bruschetta – sounds strange but was delicious.

The short ribs- obviously I have no clue but the meat eaters said they were awesome.

Squid Ink Pasta- Erin loved it. LOVED. It was a little too fishy for my taste (sorry Pandel- love you and your food!), but the pasta’s consistency was perfect. And the others really enjoyed it…so perhaps my pallet was off.

We all want to thank Rob, Kevin, Ian, John, Chef Pandel, Phil and the entire team for coming by and making sure Nicole had an amazing night.

And thanks to Dan for sending us the after dinner drinks.

I would 100 percent go back and if you’re looking for a perfect table for a group dinner…well it doesn’t get much better than that.

now THAT is a happy birthday girl!

Ok- time to go watch the video of my rap skillz filmed in the cab. I’m serious.


During my extensive cocktail career; I’ve sampled drinks I’ve loved, loathed and guzzled so fast I didn’t even taste. (college)

But nothing comes close to what I sampled this weekend at Aviary.

I’m someone who gets very uncomfortable in fine dining restaurants so I was a bit on edge at the thought of going to a preview of Grant Achatz’s new cocktail lounge. If I can’t laugh loudly I don’t want to be there.

Ryan was invited because- he’s good friends with the owner Nick Kokonas and has employed most of the staff at some point- and he took a gamble on me as his plus one.

From the second we entered the beautiful white room- I felt at ease. In one corner sat a table of my girlfriends who were laughing and chatting away. Across the room- other 30 something groups of friends were also enjoying rounds of cocktails and conversation.

Our table for two was bathed in perfect lighting (a must on any date) and the music was just loud enough to create a cool and non distracting ambiance.

Nick sat with us and explained some of the classic and creative cocktails- I took him up on sampling the “Ginger” and “Cranberry”.

The Ginger was served in three parts- a glass with a perfect slope of crushed ginger ice that was speckled with green and red berries and leaves. This was presented with the ginger concoction and a swizzle stick made from lemon grass. I was instructed to pour the liquid over the ice and act as though I was “starting a fire” with the lemon grass.

The combo of fun and flavor caused us to laugh and realize this place didn’t take it’s self too seriously.

We also sampled a drink served “forty-style” and a layered version of a Hurricane.

Ryan wouldn’t let me take photos- out of courtesy to other diners but luckily my friend Nicole Tempesta snagged a shot of “The Blueberry”- something so complex that attempting to explain it wouldn’t do it justice.

This is a place I’ll return with out of town friends and as often as possible and I recommend you do the same- if we can get a reservation.

The Blueberry