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Charmsies, I’m sure.

There is a fine line between following someone on social media and being a weirdo stalker right?

One of the people I follow on Instagram is Renee Bargh from Extra.. I dig her style and her hair stylist deserves a gold medal for the way they nail those waves on a consistent basis. And even though we work in the same field, and it’s a very small industry- we’ve never met. SO I feel a TAD creepy “liking” and commenting on her photos.

But that didn’t stop me from halting dead in my tracks the other day on Instagram when I saw her sporting crystals in her hair called “Charmsies”.

Of course I immediately went to their page to check them out and order a set.

I never really got into those feather extensions or the dip-dye color stuff, but something about these gems really do it for me.

And as fate would have it, I stumbled on a similar product in Sally Beauty yesterday. For $3.99, I bought what are basically strands of fishing wire with gems on them that snap into hair with a magnet. The real deal involves a flat iron from the looks of their website.

I wore them out last night instead of earrings and got great feedback and I’m real excited for the rose gold set I ordered to arrive today. *in 12 year old girl voice*


selfie alert!

So, if these are the next big trend….I only have one question; “Why didn’t I think of this!?!”.

Be-weave It

I’d like – make that LOVE- for ya’ll to believe I have naturally glossy and long locks…but then you wouldn’t read this blog for beauty tips and tricks right? And you’d probably secretly hate me (like I want to hate Denise Richards for her perfect real hair) and that would make me have a complex…so- here is the truth.

When I began hosting CelebTV, I was asked to “freshen up” my look and part of that process was getting highlights and clip in extensions. Over time the highlights became full on blonde hair and my naturally dark strands went into panic mode.

super blondie

My hair began breaking off, falling out and resembling straw. At one point my daily stylist* said if I didn’t cut it all off or go dark, I would be left with about three strands of hair.

So I cut it:

so short!


then dyed it:

dark side

and now it’s healthy enough to be “honey” colored again and thanks to the wonderful people at Euronext hair extensions- I’m able to add length and volume while I wait for my hair to grow out entirely again.

They just came out with a new shade that looks very natural and I’m wearing them today for the first time. Let me tell you- it’s like wearing a new dress or hot pair of shoes. I am VERY happy.

If you want to try them out- here is a link to where you can find them:


And here is day 1 with the new weave:

Go get your hair gurl!

*before the economy crashed we had daily hair and makeup