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Oh baby I’ve been slacking on this blog again, since my last post I’ve been to LA and back for an amazing wedding, had some great interviews here at CelebTV and done some living.

But I can’t not mention my girl’s concert Friday night.

You know how when you have an outfit you’re excited to wear…going out is that much more exciting? Well Friday night I stopped by the Nike Training Center in Lincoln Park and picked up the siiickest pair of kicks I’ve ever worn.

Nike is releasing their “City Pack” this week, with 5 shoes inspired by cities around the world. The Milan is going to be offered exclusively at the NTC here in Chicago and they will also carry the entire collection.

The Milan’s inspiration comes from Italian luggage and they are insanely cool.


so bad ass that a plain standing photo wasn’t enough.

I rocked these to Rihanna and had girls stop me to ask for a pic of the shoes and ask about them. This continued all weekend- since naturally I haven’t taken them off yet.


close up shot of the new kicks.

Now let’s focus on Rihanna. The doors opened at 6pm, with ASAP Rocky starting at 7:30p so we assumed Ri would go on around 9pm and planned accordingly.

Thank goodness we went late- cause ASAP was sick and didn’t perform. The United Center was filled with the most eccentric and diverse crew of fans I’ve ever seen at a show and they were all doing their best “Rihanna” impression when it came to fashion. It was a trip.

We had amazing seats (they were my Valentine’s Day gift) and were off to the side right by the stage.

Rihanna put on an amazing show, but of course I was bummed she’d didn’t sing “Shut Up and Drive” &”I’ve Loved and I’ve Lost”.

Shaun asked if she would sing “I’ve Loved and I’ve Lost” because of the whole Drake vs Chris Brown thing (he must be watching CelebTV or something) and I said I really hoped so. We had seen Drake do the song, but were hoping for Rihanna too- but no dice. HOWEVER she did do “What’s My Name”…so is more likely she didn’t do the song cause Drake is the feature…whatever…we were bummed.

She DID do “All of the Lights”, which I am completely obsessed with- and all in all I kinda blacked out during the show due to excitement of being there. Do you ever do that?? Not remember what happened due to being so pumped to be in the moment!?

I did manage to take one photo…and caught the moment she was clearly pointing at me. *I’m aware I’m delusional*



Omar from CelebTV Latino later told me that she stayed at Public Hotel- but I’m not THAT cray to just show up and stalk her without an interview or something. I do like to maintain a bit of professionalism and integrity.

But after waiting months to see her…I can confirm that her Cockiness is well deserved.

Romance in Chicago

For years I’ve been hearing about how Gejas Cafe is the most romantic restaurant in Chicago. It’s in every magazine, blog and their website is full of proposal photos. Every time you say the word “Gejas” people get a dreamy look in their eye and you can see them re-living memories.

So I finally went. I broke down, made a 5:30pm reso- weeks in advance mind you because the place books up- and entered “the most romantic setting in Chicago”.

The place was cute, charming even and it reminded me of a place we had in college called Beggars Banquet. Was it blow me away romantic? No.

They pretty much make you choose between one of their platter combo meals which includes; cheese fondue, salads, a platter of meat, chicken and or seafood with veggies and chocolate fondue for dessert.

We started with the cheese fondue, served with stale bread chunks and fruit and we pretty much knew  it would be downhill from there.  First off- they put the pot on the other side of the table so you have to reach like you have a  go go Gadget arm just to dip your food. And it was just blah.

The soggy salads tasted like something you’d be served at a wedding.

Since I don’t eat meat, we requested two separate pots of oil to cook the main courses. The waiter and staff by the way were fantastic, nice, professional, blah blah. BUT for some reason they think it’s normal to present all of the meat on the same platter as the seafood. There was raw chicken spooning my shrimp.

To most people that isn’t a big deal, but trust me….if you don’t eat meat- you want it nowhere near your food.

We pointed this out to the waiter who apologized, took it into the back and moved the chicken to Shaun’s side with the other meat. He clearly didn’t realize that the shrimp still had raw chicken touching it- moments earlier. I very nicely pointed this out and he seemed confused, but took it back and exchanged it for an entirely new platter.

Side note- I’m sure they took all my seafood and rubbed raw meat all over it in the back. Kidding, but that’s how annoyed they seemed with my request.

We didn’t even finish half of the caveman-sized meal and were presented with a bill that was ridiculously expensive. In fact, we’re pretty sure we were accidentally over charged but I hate confrontation and refused to ask for an itemized receipt. So I sent them an email today and I’m blogging (very mature, I know). I think email was created so people could avoid awkward conversations with people.

Anyhow-  the real “romance” was the fact that we reeked of oil when we left. Nothing like bonding over how bad you smell, right?

If this place would serve half the amount of food, they could charge less and maybe people like myself wouldn’t be so turned off the following day. Then again, it has been in business forever and is always packed so why listen to me?

Next time I’m looking for romance I’ll light some candles and cook dinner at home, in fact I think I saw a Fondue set on Gilt.

Is IV For Me?

Would you rather:

1. Go to hang in the hospital for an afternoon (but have no health issues)


2. Have an epic hangover before a big night?

If you said 1., then stop reading. Clearly you hate hospitals and the things associated with them and won’t even care to hear what I’m about to say.

BUT if you’re into not feeling hungover…then you may want to check out Revive.

I went to this new medical spa over the weekend with Shaun because he had an awful cold he was trying to shake.

Let me back up…

Revive says they can help people fighting; colds, the flu, dehydration and hangovers… with an IV. They tailor each IV with a vitamin cocktail depending on your symptoms, and an hour later you are done.

So we went Saturday afternoon to test it out. The place is in an office building on the 4th floor. It feels nothing like a hospital or Dr’s office, instead a friendly person greets you with some paper work before leading you through a large communal room with a flat screen TV, white couches and magazines and into the Dr.’s office.

The Doc and a nurse chatted with me about how I was feeling (I was dragging a bit thanks to a stiff cocktail from Friday and a long week) and “prescribed” me an IV cocktail that catered to my symptoms. A little Vitamin B Complex for energy. Some Toradol to cut the headache. Vitamin C to boost my immune system.

The nurse took my blood pressure, then swiftly inserted the IV. I’m kind of a baby, if you’re wondering and I was fine with the needle.

I was moved into a private area where Shaun was lounging on a couch, with a blanket and eye mask on and was handed a blanket and asked to lay on the couch across from his. But you can opt to hang out in the main room and watch TV or chat with friends if you choose or go for a private area like we did.

Within minuets I felt a little stoned-ey. I just made up that word for sure…but that’s how I felt. Spacy, floaty, relaxed. The nurse assured me that was normal and that the Toradol was kicking in. Next came chills- not the flu kind- but the “I’m chilly” kind…cue the blanket.

Doc explained that the IV fluids were around 78 degrees, and since our body temp is 98…it can feel cold.

Mind you, this wasn’t super uncomfortable- but I noticed it. As my IV was finishing, I felt a little full and very energized.

When the nurse took out the IV (painless), I can honestly say I felt great. Later that evening I felt like a superhero…like I was bursting with energy. Headache- gone.

As for Shaun, he slept and slept and felt a ton better the next morning. He wanted to go back, but I felt that would be a bit excessive.

My POINT is- that he tried it and wanted to go right back…good sign.


Shaun maxin’ and relaxin’

So if you aren’t afraid of needles or trying new things then go check it out. If you are a cautious person who thinks everything is bad for you, I respect that too- this isn’t for everyone. But I will say that I see places like Revive being the trend and eventually the norm.

Cancun 2013

Happy New Year friends!

I once again saved my pennies and bolted from the ice cold Chicago and into sunny, hot Cancun.

We opted for an all-inclusive resort again and chose the Live Aqua in the hotel zone area. We’re not really sure if it’s worth it to go for an all-inclusive since we aren’t huge eaters and we didn’t drink a ton…but I’m sure if we did it the other way around we’d be convinced we should have gone all in. Either way, the hotel was beautiful and so was the weather.

The hotel featured gimmicks like; guacamole making classes, a guy who paraded around the pool with parrots daily, a live dinner circus show, a hot dog and fajita vendor, poker night and on and on.

cancun 2013 parrots

If you think we think we’re too cool to pose with parrots- then you would be dead wrong.

We vowed to make this a “chill vacation” and not take advantage of too much night life, so most mornings I was up early for the stunning sunrise.

Cancun 2013 sunriseTwo of the mornings I did yoga with the hotel’s instructor in a little grass hut that turned into a lobster & steak grill at night…and one morning I did my own little practice on the beach with the sunrise.

Cancun 2013 yogaBut before you go thinking I’m patting myself on my sunburned back- know that we were there for 7 days…so if you do the math- I was a slacker. Whatever- that’s what vacation is for!

Before we left from Chicago, I did some internet research (stalking) and found Terry – who went to MSU- who is bff’s with our friend DJ Rock City who also went to MSU. Follow? Anyhow -Terry is the boss in Cancun and runs some huge events and he welcomed us into his family and invited us to all of his fun parties including; Lil Jon and Red Foo from LMFAO. But guess what? We’re OLD and slept thru most of that fun. However we did meet him and his buddies at Carlos and Charlies for some good ole fashioned debauchery…and it was the only place showing the Bears game. Terry and I took this photo to send to our Rock City- friends! MSU! Chicago!

Cancun 2013 carlos n charlies

Moving along…Terry wasn’t the only amigo in town. Our close friend Daniel Alonso was also in Cancun and just like he owns many of the hot spots in Chicago, he also knows people who make Cancun awesome.

We met Dani at our hotel for a cocktail, and by the time we returned to our room…this happened!

live aqua celebtv

Yes, Dani knew the Live Aqua’s owner. Let’s just say, we were treated like familia once again.

cancun 2013 NYE bedOur bed on NYE

Yes we were ready. Dani’s friend Peter, the CEO of Nextel- hooked us up with two VIP tickets to see David Guetta in Playa Del Carmen which was about 45 mins away. He also insisted we allow his body guard and driver to take us, along with a Police escort. We can honestly say it was one of those nights where you just keep sneaking looks at each other- like “is this really happening?!”. Cliche, but I hear those are back in for 2013.

cancun 2013 Guetta stageThe venue was on the beach, and about 12 THOUSAND people attended the party. If you squint- you can see the little fence we were penned into for VIPs*.

A duo called “Tom and Collins” were one of the openers and I fell in love the second they mixed in Empire of the Sun. Check them out here.

As for David Guetta? Yes, he was amazing. On your feet, dancing and going wild amazing. At midnight there were fireworks and confetti. Around 3am our heads hit the pillow faster than you can say; “You slept thru your room service order dummies”.

I will say this- if you are on a skin medication (like I am)- be careful. I broke into one of the worst sun rashes you can imagine. A little cortisone from the Farmacia helped…but I’m still scratching to the point that my Chicago yoga instructor had to ask if I was ok* after class this am.

But I can take a little itching for a most memorable start to a New Year.

Cheers & Salud!



*old people who paid for tables because we were too uncool to hang with the kids, or actual people who are VIPs.

*had a contagious rash


Vegan in a Box

Sometimes I look at photos of myself from 2008 and wonder why I ever added dairy back into my life. I used to glow- literally without any makeup on.

Bright Pink with Lindsay Avner from 2008. Ok, not my favorite look…but see- even my décolletage looks healthy.

Now, no glow. Unless I spend time layering on different shimmers to add faux glow.

What went wrong? Well, I slowly added cheese back into my life and in turn my skin freaked out. Putting on concealer before 6am hot yoga is no bueno.

I was just tipped off about Karyn’s meal delivery service. One of the roughest parts about trying to eat Vegan is finding and preparing the food. As much as I’d love to pretend that I am all Martha Stewart with my Pintrest recipes…it’s simply not the case. I go for what’s good and what’s easy and when I’m starving – forget about it…I’ll eat almost anything in front of me. 5 days of meals are $130 dollars, and if you eat out a ton- that is a steal.

This week I have no real dinner commitments and I have an event in a few weeks that I want to look and feel great for- so it made sense to dive in and commit.

Shaun is trying it with me and yesterday he went and picked up our boxes from Karyn’s Raw.  We went with the “cooked” cleanse vs the “raw” to ease into it, and I’m hoping that I look like Halle Berry by Friday. I’m serious…have you seen Karyn!?

5 days of meals- 3 meals a day plus dessert.
My honest goal is to just stick to this plan for a week, 5 days seems easy but it’s not. And of course I’ll share every my thoughts after this madness is over.

In the meantime I’ll be pinning photos of hot women as glow-spiration.

Bad Girl!

Daily dose my butt, right!? The past two weeks have been mega awesome and I’ve been living rather than typing.

BUT… here are some of the highlights:

Interviewing Photographer Tyler Shields, who is one of the most interesting and talent people on the planet.

Me and Shaun at the Green Tie Ball. Awkward pose from me, but I LOVED wearing this dress. It’s from Top Shop.

Michael Pena was very down to earth and beyond amazing in “End of Watch”.

Steve-O! Who made us all blush with his naughty humor. I went to check out his stand up at Zanies last night and I didn’t stop laughing once.

Robbie Laughlin is flawless in person. Perfect hair, skin, teeth, and it looks like his clothes were sewn on him before he walks out the door. Plus he’s witty and kind. He’s also gay, or I’d try and make him my Valentine.

The real awesomeness of the week was Sunday Rosh Hashanah dinner at the Melman’s. It’s one of those dinners where you leave your phone in the car, and everyone just enjoys the conversation and food. Lots of food.

Cheers to catching up on sleep this weekend…yeah right.






This year I was lucky enough to spend Labor Day weekend out of town and visit Boston for my first time.

Shaun booked us an AirBnB- which is the coolest website for travel. Instead of staying in a hotel, you can rent someone’s entire apartment or a room in their home/space.

The apartment we stayed in was stunning and right at the end of Newbury Street which has the best shopping and tons of cute outdoor restaurants. The place was chic and owned by Dave; a Doctor who also had another place in the area. Dave greeted us with the keys, a tour of the apartment, a bottle of wine and an invite to hang with him and his friends later if we liked. If we lived in Boston- we’d totally be down to hang with Dave- he was good people and a fantastic host.

Check out his spots here and stay there if  you are in Boston!

Other highlights included:

Riding Hubway Rentals all over the city- you rent them then drop them off at one of the many bike stands all over the city.

Toro Spanish Tapas- some of the most amazing Spanish food I’ve ever had. The Tortilla de Espanola rivaled any I’ve had in Spain.

This rooster was a pet in a vintage store on Newbury Street. Loved all the resale and vintage in Boston.

We rode bikes to brunch at Cafe Luna and stumbled upon this artist doing work in an alley.

One of the best parts of traveling is learning about your companion. Shaun used to sail competitively when he was younger- who knew!? So we rented a sailboat and went for a two hour slow cruise around the Charles River.  There was NO wind that day and we thought we’d never make it in…but it forced two OCD people to relax and enjoy the sun.

Neptune Oyster- our white whale. We’d been told this was the spot for amazing seafood, but both times we tried to go there was a 2 hour wait! We ended up having some delicious Italian while we waited for 4th meal at Neptune, and it was worth the wait. Lobster roll- above all the rest.

You’ve been warned- you in those skinny jeans!

Even though I can’t stand touristy activities…I dressed up as the ultimate hypocrite and rode bikes to Fenway to check out the Green Monster and snap a few photos. Whatever!?! Judge away…


Other notable bites and sips; Craigie’s On Main, the bakery in the North End, The Cafeteria, Alibi, B&G Oyster and this place. VEGGIE GALAXY! Such a badass diner- but I played fair and didn’t force Shaun to eat there…but next trip back I am SO there.

Only thing that would have made this trip better would have been a Tom Brady sighting. Perhaps next time…