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Just Spin

Soul Cycle is awesome…blah blah- we’ve been hearing about this NYC fitness institution for years thanks to it’s crazy celebrity following and FINALLY Chicago is getting an invite to the party.


Heavy Metals

The website is live and classes start Tuesday, April 14th- BUT the real reason for this post is because of an event they are throwing with LADY GAGA on April 21st.

Yep- for only 1k you can ride cheek to cheek* with Gaga.

*Well, not really…the bikes directly next to her already sold out for 2500$.

BUT mega fans still get to breathe the same air…and all the proceeds go to the Born This Way Foundation.

How much would YOU pay to ride with your favorite celeb?

Buy your golden ticket here.

Stay Fly

Whenever anyone asks to meet for drinks I normally respond with; “How about a workout instead?”.

I’d much rather catch up while burning calories rather than drinking them.

That’s what made last night’s Bright Pink Flywheel spin ride so perfect. It combined all of my favorite things; good friends, spin class, Bright Pink and sweaty bonding.

I got to create a playlist and ride on stage with my favorite instructor Michael Wollpert, and wear a microphone. Ok to be honest, that part gave me MAJOR social anxiety…but try something that scares you every day right? Almost all 47 bikes were filled with people wearing pink and the 45 min ride flew by. Michael is so inspirational, he kept it fun and had us all cracking up.

Me and Michael in front of the sign- they spelled my name right!

After everyone snacked on Pop Chips and Vitamin Water, then 14 of my closest friends and I slipped out for dinner across the street.

It’s rare that I’m able to combine everything I love into one night, but thanks to my amazing group of friends- it happened!

BP Founder Lindsay Avner said there will be many more rides to come, especially in October… so grab your crew and jump on a bike.
Today I was up bright and early for Fox. Here’s my segment if you’d like to peep it:

Fox Chicago 8/23

How cool is this!? Bright Pink asked me if I’d lead a ride with trainer and instructor extraordinaire Michael Wollpert to benefit the charity. No brainer. Bright Pink, Flywheel Spin and Michael are three of my favorite things.

If you want to ride with us- it’s only 25 dollars (the price of a normal drop in rate) and the cash all goes to Bright Pink!

It’s on Wednesday August 22 at 7:30pm at the downtown Chicago location.

To join- book your bike here.


It’s Britney!

FlyWheel Spin is always mixing it up with theme classes- and last night’s was an entire hour of Britney Spears.

The class filled up a week before, so instead I did the class before with my friend Kevin Aeh. Our instructor Michael Wollpert showed us his Britney costume before class and it looked insane.

But then we stuck around after to snap some photo proof.

Is your workout this fun?