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Lolla 2012 In Photos

Friday this guy braved a gifting lounge for some wristbands to the fest. I’m eternally grateful to him and the fact that he proves some actors are real people. Thanks Josh!

This guy is OPIE! Brad has been coming to the festival forever. He his friends with the people that throw it and always takes care of us. We adore him and want to steal him from Alabama.

We ran into Jill and Anderson while we fueled up in the artist lounge behind the Bud Light Stage.

Me, Tara, Policy and Kat before Passion Pit.

During Passion Pit- before the sun set on Grant Park.

Saturday Nicole and I hit the Gilt City Pool Party, then a crew of us caught Poolside’s DJ set at Nellcote-  they played “Harvest Moon” for me!

We braved the storm in Hard Rock then headed back to the fest.

The evacuation meant less lines to get on the side stage, so Policy and I made it up for Franz Ferdinand! 


Policy and I ran into tall Mike, David Arquette and their ladies on the way out Saturday night- and we were all fascinated by these two randoms who were covered in mud. I made Policy snap this photo- she is a good paparazzi.

We met this guy- Max Dolinsky- an 11 year old with superior taste in music and ran into him again Sunday at Gaslight Anthem.

Kirby is a long time Lolla friend circa LA- here we are on the way to Miike Snow.

Ari, Kevin, Neelu, Chris, Shaun and Policy dancing outside the artist lounge for Miike Snow. Fun x 100,000.

Real Talk, Fake Booty

Tara Flocco is one of my favorite homegirls. Just when you think you know her, she comes at you with some new detail about her life that blows your mind.

We had a date for drinks and met at Barcito, two hours later we were joined by more of our lady crew and called it an early night.

After Saturday I am convinced we are close to the same person. We even showed up in almost the exact same outfit (but would never ask “What are you wearing” because we hate when girls ask that question).

Policy, me and T Flo at Barcito.

Policy and I had a killer spin workout at Flywheel Spin earlier that morning and then brunch with Kim. At brunch Policy presented me with my (belated) birthday gift- butt pad underwear.


She had seen them on The Today Show and felt I could use some junk in the trunk, so I wore them out Saturday.

Other than the fact that my butt felt fake (if you touched it)…it looked pretty ass-tastic. Who cares if it’s fake advertising…especially if the merchandise isn’t for sale.