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D’USSE Launch at Aviary


Not gonna lie- we felt sooo fancy

Some invites I don’t pass up…they normally include; anything Nike throws, launches of designer stores, parties thrown by liquor companies, birthdays of close friends and Bright Pink events. *notice I did not include; bachelorette parties, showers, destination weddings and girls trips so don’t feel like ya’ll ever need to invite me!*

Last night I was invited to the Chicago launch of a cognac called D’USSE (sounds like “do say”) at The Aviary. What?! And no, I’m not all shocked with excitement over a party that only serves cognac, but when it takes place at one of the best restaurants arguably in the world…you RSVP immediately.

At least I did, I’ve had Chef Achatz’s food and it’s- a. amazing, b. not cheap and c. not easy to get a reso for.

The invite said “dinner” would take place between 8-11pm with paired cocktails from Mixologist Charles Jolly, so we all assumed we’d be sitting to eat and therefore, arrived on time.

Well, turns out it was a passed bites and cocktail party- which was a pleasant surprise in my opinion…I got enjoy the party and be in bed before 10pm.

Around 50 of us had our own “Hunger Games” type battle to snag the bites that were total flavor explosions in the mouth. A mini “taco chip with guac”- yes. Little polenta cake with some kind of jam- si. The signature potato crunch bite- we could not get enough.

The drinks were solid too, especially considering I’m not a big dark liquor drinker.

But the real bonus of the night was that Chef was walking around chatting up guests. I pretended like he doesn’t intimidate the sh$t out of me and calmly asked about Next’s upcoming Vegan menu. I told him how much I was looking forward to being able to eat the food and not be a pain in the ass about substitutions.

They gave me a bottle to take as a prop for the set for my Fox hit, and of course I emptied it into a nice decanter at home and filled the bottle with iced tea. Kidding, but sure wish I would have thought of that last night.



Friday night Shaun and I called an audible (and Nick Kokonas) and snagged a last min reso for the Aviary.

I had been a few times when it first opened, but hadn’t been in a long time so I was excited to see how the menu had evolved.

While you’re not banned from taking pics there, to me it seems tacky to whip out your i phone so I refrained from snapping any pics.

The “bites” are the most intense burst of flavor you’ll ever put in your mouth. Bold statement but really true. The guacamole bite tasted like a taco- it’s some full on Willy Wonka ish.

I also had the bowl of “chips”which is a large kitchen bowl filled with freezedried? creations. I can’t do it justice- you just have to go and order it.

My favorite cocktail “The Blueberry” had been mixed up and is now called “The Chai” and I was pumped to hear that it was infused with Rare Tea Cellar’s chai tea.

I love the room and the vibe in there, it feels like you really are escaping the city and they encourage you to sit on the same side of the table on the couches- love that.

We played the game *guess what their situation is*- do you guys ever do that? Look at the couple at the table text to you and guess if they’re on a first date, dating, friends, married, etc? Try it- it’s kinda fun.

With the whole NATO takeover about to happen, I wouldn’t be surprised if some World leaders are sipping those very same cocktails this week. But Nick and Grant would never tell- which is part of what makes that place so special.